U2’s Album Songs of Innocence Released for Free on iTunes Today

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Apple had lots of big announcements today — a new watch, a new iPhone, and payment system. But wait, there’s more! On its big day, Apple also announced that anyone with an iTunes account can download for free Songs of Innocence, U2’s first album in 5 years.


Developing iOS 7 Apps for iPhone and iPad: A Free Online Course by Stanford

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FYI: Apple officially released iOS7,  the latest operating system for the iPhone and iPad, on September 18. Almost simultaneously, Stanford began offering a course teaching students how to design apps in the new environment. Although the course is still in progress, the initial video lectures are now available online, you guessed it, on iTunesU.


Steve Jobs on the Rise of the Personal Computer: A Rare 1990 Interview

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In early 1990 Steve Jobs granted a very rare interview to the makers of a PBS NOVA miniseries called The Machine that Changed the World.
The producers of the series had a tough time getting Jobs to talk with them.


Every Apple Ad Ever Aired on TV

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Introducing a new YouTube Channel that gives you every Apple ad ever aired on TV — 485 ads, in total.
You can start with the iconic ones — the 1984 Super Bowl commercial directed by Ridley Scott, which aired just weeks after Steve Jobs demoed the first MacIntosh ever.


Microsoft Rolls Out Its New Tablet in Fine Apple Style

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This week, Microsoft rolled out its new tablet, simply called Surface, which gives you another way to enjoy our courses, movies, ebooks, audio books and the rest. In many ways, Surface resembles the iPad in its look and feel.


Download David Hockney’s Playful Drawings for the iPhone and iPad

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Last year, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto staged an exhibit of David Hockney’s playful drawings produced with/for the iPhone and iPad. Hockney became an early adopter of Apple’s popular devices and started creating finger-drawn images (using the Brushes app) in 2008.


Steve Jobs Plays FDR in Apple’s Rally-the-Troops Film, 1944

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Shortly after Apple aired its famous Ridley Scott Super Bowl commercial in 1984, the upstart company knocked off a cheap World War II-themed internal video — a rally-the-troops film — dubbed 1944.  The cause is freedom and the mission, to save the world from bad computing. The enemy isn’t the Axis (Germany, Japan, Italy.


Van Gogh to Rothko in 30 Seconds

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What if you took great works of art, stacked them side by side, and had them tell a story? You’d have a decidedly artful video … and a great teaser for the new artCircles iPad app that brings you collections of images curated by well-known figures including Yves Behar (named one of the “World’s 7 Most Important People in Design”) and 


Apple Releases Free iTunesU App & Enhanced University Courses (Plus Textbooks)

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Analysts expect Apple to sell 48 million iPads this year, with new hardware and software driving the sales. iPad3 is right around the corner, and today Apple unveiled (watch here) a new initiative that will bring textbooks to the iPad/iPhone platform.


The Zen of Steve Jobs: A New Graphic Novel

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Walter Isaacson’s new biography of Steve Jobs (click image below to get a free audio copy) covers a lot of ground in 571 pages. By design, it’s broad and comprehensive, but it doesn’t always go deep.


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