Noam Chomsky’s Wide-Ranging Interview on a Donald Trump Presidency: “The Most Predictable Aspect of Trump Is Unpredictability”

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Last May, during the contentious presidential primaries, Noam Chomsky spoke about the mounting resentments in America, the opening they’ve created for a figure like Donald Trump, and the parallels to 1930s Germany. Six months later, Trump has apparently won the election.


We’re Gonna Build a Fourth Wall, and Make the Brechtians Pay for It

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By now, you undoubtedly know what happened when Mike Pence went to see Hamilton on Friday night. And the brouhaha that unfolded from there, particularly on Twitter.
Tweets came and went throughout the weekend. But, if you’re keeping score at home, none outfunnied this tweet from Jeremy Noel-Tod.


The Cast of Hamilton Sends a Strong Message to Mike Pence (After the Crowd Jeers Him)

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When Mike Pence entered the Richard Rodgers Theatre to see Hamilton Friday night, the crowd booed him.
When the play ended, the cast sent Pence off with a special message. Speaking for the cast, Brandon Victor Dixon, the actor who plays Aaron Burr, said this:
You know we have a guest in the audience this evening.


1950 Superman Poster Urged Kids to Defend All Americans, Regardless of Their Race, Religion or National Origin

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It makes sense that Superman would take a tolerant view of immigrants and other minorities, given that he himself arrived on Earth as a refugee from the planet Krypton.


Watch Dave Chappelle’s Saturday Night Live Monologue: “We’ve Elected an Internet Troll as Our President”

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Dave Chappelle hosted SNL last night and gave us the comic relief we needed. And also a few heartfelt thoughts about what a Trump presidency means for our imperiled nation. The most poignant part comes at the very end:
You know, before I go, I do want to say one thing, and this is not a joke.


Novelist Paul Auster On Donald Trump’s Politics of Resentment: Vote It Down Today, or Forever Hold Your Peace

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The 2008 election appeared to mark a high point in American politics–the moment when the United States elected its first black president and overcame its racist past. The 2016 election turned all of that into a mirage.


Patti Smith Reads from Oscar Wilde’s De Profundis, the Love Letter He Wrote From Prison (1897)

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Just last month, the U.K. announced the so-called “Turing Law,” a policy U.K.’s justice minister Sam Gyimah describes as pardoning “people convicted of historical sexual offenses who would be innocent of any crime today.” The law is named for Alan Turing, the brilliant gay computer scientist whose work on A.I.


Jon Stewart Resurfaces & Recounts His Strange Twitter War with Donald Trump: The Tale of Jonathan Liebowitz v. F**kface Von Clownstick

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There’s been nothing funny about this election–except for those mock debates on Saturday Night Live, performed so masterfully by Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon. Now imagine if only Jon Stewart had provided some comic relief during these long, bruising months. Maybe our nerves wouldn’t be so frayed.


When Vladimir Nabokov Taught Ruth Bader Ginsburg, His Most Famous Student, To Care Deeply About Writing

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There are a few ways to get a glimpse of Vladimir Nabokov as a teacher, a role he occupied for almost twenty years at Wellesley and Cornell. We can take the “good reader” quiz he gave to his students. We can listen to his interviews on life and literature, though they won’t give us any sense of spontaneity.


Sal Khan & the Muppets’ Grover Explain the Electoral College

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Grover, the more intellectually-aspirant of Sesame Street’s two blue monsters, is a self-appointed expert on anatomy (“the head is covered with this long stringy stuff”), hygiene, and Spanish, but the workings of the United States Electoral College eluded him, until Salman Khan, founder of the Khan Academy wandered into the frame.


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