Charles Schulz Draws Charlie Brown in 45 Seconds and Exorcises His Demons

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Would that we had a dime for every cartoonist whose course was charted happily copying Charles Schulz’s seminal strip, Peanuts, while other, more athletic children played together in the fresh air and sunshine.
Such admissions proliferate in interviews and blog posts.


Dave Grohl Raises the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to an Art Form

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Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl raised an internet meme to an art form when he took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge while parodying the epic prom scene from Carrie. John Travolta appeared in the 1976 horror film, and Stephen King wrote the book behind it. So Grohl name checks them both.


Don Pardo (1918-2014), Voice of Saturday Night Live, Suggests Using Short Words

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Don Pardo voiced the introductions of Saturday Night Live for 38 seasons. He began calling out the names of the S.N.L. cast members during the first episode in October, 1975, and (except for the 1981-82 season) he kept calling out those names straight through last May.


Salvador Dalí Creates a Chilling Anti-Venereal Disease Poster During World War II

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As a New York City subway rider, I am constantly exposed to public health posters. More often than not these feature a photo of a wholesome-looking teen whose sober expression is meant to convey hindsight regret at having taken up drugs, dropped out of school, or foregone condoms. They’re well intended, but boring.


Stanford’s Robert Sapolsky Demystifies Depression

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We know that depression affects people from all walks of life. Rich. Poor. Celebs. Ordinary Joes. Young. Old. But, somehow after the death of Robin Williams, there’s a renewed focus on depression, and my mind turned immediately to a lecture we featured on the site way back in 2009.


Lauren Bacall (1924-2014) and Humphrey Bogart Pal Around During a 1956 Screen Test

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“With deep sorrow, yet with great gratitude for her amazing life, we confirm the passing of Lauren Bacall.” So tweeted The Humphrey Bogart Estate today, letting cinephiles everywhere know that Hollywood lost yet another great one this week. She was 89.


Robin Williams (1951-2014) Performs Unknown Shakespeare Play in 1970s Standup Routine

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The Academy Award-winning actor and comedian Robin Williams died earlier today. He apparently committed suicide after dealing with a serious and long bout of depression.


A Serious Stephen Colbert Gives Advice on Love & Life to Teenage Girls

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Rookie’s never less than worthy “Ask a Grown Man” series provides a forum for mature males like actor Jon Hamm and radio personality Ira Glass to offer thoughtful, straightforward advice and explanations, born of personal experience, to teenage girls (and other interested parties).


The Art of Structured Procrastination

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If you’re one of our philosophically-minded readers, you’re perhaps already familiar with Stanford professor John Perry. He’s one of the two hosts of the Philosophy Talk radio show that airs on dozens of public radio stations across the US. (Listen to a recent show here.


Richard Nixon’s Tips For Getting Pandas to Have Sex, Caught on Newly-Revealed Audio Tape (1972)

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Have you heard? Richard Nixon is back in the news. For one thing, John Dean, former Nixon legal counsel, has been making the rounds, promoting his third Watergate book The Nixon Defense: What He Knew and When He Knew It.


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