The Art of Structured Procrastination

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If you’re one of our philosophically-minded readers, you’re perhaps already familiar with Stanford professor John Perry. He’s one of the two hosts of the Philosophy Talk radio show that airs on dozens of public radio stations across the US. (Listen to a recent show here.


Richard Nixon’s Tips For Getting Pandas to Have Sex, Caught on Newly-Revealed Audio Tape (1972)

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Have you heard? Richard Nixon is back in the news. For one thing, John Dean, former Nixon legal counsel, has been making the rounds, promoting his third Watergate book The Nixon Defense: What He Knew and When He Knew It.


Learn How Crayons Are Made, Courtesy of 1980s Videos by Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers

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Some things are difficult to improve upon. Take crayons. The new generation may be clamoring for shades like “mango tango” and “jazzberry jam” but the actual technology appears unchanged since Sesame Street detailed the process in the early 80s, in the lovely, non verbal documentary above.


The Touching Moment When Nicholas Winton Met the Children He Saved During the Holocaust

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Procrastinators take note.
Some teens of my acquaintance have been agitating for a meeting with a Holocaust survivor. These encounters, common enough in my childhood, are growing less so as those with firsthand knowledge enter their golden years. Bear in mind that Eva Lavi, the youngest person named on Oskar Schindler’s List, is now 76.


Wearable Books: In Medieval Times, They Took Old Manuscripts & Turned Them into Clothes

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I like old newspaper, smoothing it out to read about what was happening on the day an older relative packed away the good crystal or some other fragile tchotchke.
Traveling in India, I dug how the snacks I purchased to eat on the train came wrapped in old book pages.


Why Tattoos Are Permanent? New TED Ed Video Explains with Animation

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For the last three decades my right ankle has been the site of a deeply botched tattoo. It was supposed to be a yin yang, but with every passing year, it looks more and more like a cancerous mole. The drunken Vietnam Vet who administered it barely glanced at the design taking shape on my once virgin skin as he chatted with a pal.


Charles Bukowski Rails Against 9-to-5 Jobs in a Brutally Honest Letter (1986)

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Charles Bukowski—or “Hank” to his friends—assiduously cultivated a literary persona as a perennial drunken deadbeat.


Animated: Winston Churchill’s Top 10 Sayings About Failure, Courage, Setbacks, Haters & Success

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They’re all selected and animated by Simon Appel. Be warned, the voice of the narrator is not exactly Churchillian.
You can find a longer selection of Churchill’s greatest quotes over at Townhall….


The Celebrity Encounters of Koko the Gorilla. For Her 43rd Birthday Today.

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Koko the Gorilla, who celebrates her 43rd birthday today, keeps pretty down-to-earth company for a celebrity.


The Internet’s Own Boy: New Documentary About Aaron Swartz Now Free Online

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On BoingBoing today, Cory Doctorow writes: “The Creative Commons-licensed version of The Internet’s Own Boy, Brian Knappenberger’s documentary about Aaron Swartz, is now available on the Internet Archive, which is especially useful for people outside of the US, who aren’t able to pay to see it online….


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