Albert Camus Explains Why Happiness Is Like Committing a Crime—”You Should Never Admit to it” (1959)

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Note: You can read a translation below.
Happiness, as it has been conceived for at least the past couple thousand years in Western philosophy, is a problem.


Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion Sleep Plan: He Slept Two Hours a Day for Two Years & Felt “Vigorous” and “Alert”

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One potential drawback of genius, it seems, is restlessness, a mind perpetually on the move. Of course, this is what makes many celebrated thinkers and artists so productive. That and the extra hours some gain by sacrificing sleep. Voltaire reportedly drank up to 50 cups of coffee a day, and seems to have suffered no particularly ill effects.


Take an Infectious, Life-Affirming Flamenco Dance Class, Watch the Oscar-Winning Documentary FLAMENCO AT 5:15

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FLAMENCO AT 5:15, the Academy Award-winning short documentary, above, is a welcome antidote to the depressing specter of youthful bodies in a chronic state of computer-related postural collapse.


How Mindfulness Makes Us Happier & Better Able to Meet Life’s Challenges: Two Animated Primers Explain

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The West has very rich contemplative tradition. Monastics of the early Christian church practiced forms of meditation that have been adopted by many people seeking a deeper, more serene experience of life.


Banksy Opens a Hotel with the Worst View in the World: Visit the Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem

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Quirky, artist-customized guest rooms equipped with wifi, fridge, and safes…
Leather couches and “an air of undeserved authority” in the communal areas…
VIPs who spring for the Presidential suite will enjoy access to a tiki bar, library, and Dead Sea minerals for use in a plunge bath spacious enough for four…
Sounds like the so


Walt Disney Creates a Frank Animation That Teaches High School Kids All About VD (1973)

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The comically plainspoken, tough-guy sergeant is a heaven sent assignment for character actors.
Think R. Lee Ermey in Full Metal Jacket…
Louis Gosset Jr. in An Officer and a Gentleman…
Even Stripes’  Warren Oates.
Keenan Wynn, who strove to keep America safe from “deviated preverts” in 1964’s Dr.


You Can Have Your Ashes Turned Into a Playable Vinyl Record, When Your Day Comes

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Even in death we are only limited by our imagination in how we want to go out. There are now ways to turn our corpse into a tree, or have our ashes shot into space, or pressing our ashes into diamonds–I believe Superman is involved in that last one.


Meet Jane Little: The Musician Who Played with the Same Orchestra for 71 Straight Years, a World Record

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Last May, when Jane Little died at the age of 87, a world record came to an end.
Standing only 4’11” and weighing only 98 pounds, Little began playing a double bass in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra in 1945, at the age of 16.


Martin Scorsese on How “Diversity Guarantees Our Cultural Survival,” in Film and Everything Else

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Image by “Siebbi,” Wikimedia Commons
When Federico Fellini died in 1993, New York Times obituary writer Bruce Weber made a confession: “I never cared for his movies.


This 392-Year-Old Bonsai Tree Survived the Hiroshima Atomic Blast & Still Flourishes Today: The Power of Resilience

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Image by Sage Ross, via Wikimedia Commons
If four years seems like a long time, let me help put things in perspective.
The beautiful bonsai tree pictured above–let’s call it the Yamaki Pine Bonsai–began its journey through the world back in 1625.


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