What Miles Davis Taught Herbie Hancock: In Music, as in Life, There Are No Mistakes, Just Chances to Improvise

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One of my favorite Brian Eno quotes, or rather one that became an Oblique Strategy, is “Honor Your Mistake as a Hidden Intention.” (Or to be pedantic, the original version was “Honor Thy Error…”).
As a teenager growing up and trying to make art (at that time music and comics) there was no advice more freeing.


Act of Love: A Strange, Wonderful Visual Dictionary of Animal Courtship

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As various nature documentaries over the years have made explicit, the animal kingdom possesses courtship rituals of such yearning and grace, they can make the erotic fumblings of our species seem a very clumsy dance indeed.


What Are the Keys to Happiness? Lessons from a 75-Year-Long Harvard Study

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Last year, we highlighted the Harvard Grant Study and The Glueck Study, two 75-year studies that have traced the lives and development of hundreds of men, trying to get answers to one big question: How can you live a long and happy life? For answers, watch Robert Waldinger above.


Patti Smith on Virginia Woolf’s Cane, Charles Dickens’ Pen & Other Cherished Literary Talismans

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Oh to be eulogized by Patti Smith, Godmother of Punk, poet, best-selling author.
Her memoir, Just Kids, was born of a sacred deathbed vow to her first boyfriend, photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.


Download Beautiful Free Vintage Easter Cards from the New York Public Library

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‘Tis the season when bunnies temporarily upend cats as rulers of the Internet.


Mark Bittman’s Most Loved Recipes from The New York Times: Learn to Cook Healthy, Earth-Friendly Meals

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Food writer and healthy eating advocate Mark Bittman has “no patience” for those who say, “I’d love to cook but I have a lousy kitchen,” but that doesn’t make him a hectoring meanie in the Top Chef panelist mold:
To me the question was not, “Would I cook this as a native would?” but rather, “How would a native cook


New Rosa Parks Archive is Now Online: Features 7,500 Manuscripts & 2,500 Photographs, Courtesy of the Library of Congress

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It’s telling that the Library of Congress, in digitizing its vast Rosa Parks Collection in close to its entirety, had to resort to a “representative sample” of children’s greeting cards. The lady had no shortage of admirers at the elementary school level.


Coffee Entrepreneur Renato Bialetti Gets Buried in the Espresso Maker He Made Famous

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Love your coffee? Renato Bialetti invented and was buried in the Moka coffee maker https://t.co/M0n9LJ5KSh pic.twitter.com/sle3s8zHdj
— TreeHugger.com (@TreeHugger) February 22, 2016

At OC HQ you will find two Bialetti espresso makers on the stove–one small, the other large–and together they power us through the day.


Umberto Eco Dies at 84; Leaves Behind Advice to Aspiring Writers

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Umberto Eco, the Italian semiotician, philosopher, literary critic, and novelist — and, of course, author of Foucault’s Pendulum – has died at his home in Milan. He was 84.


LIFE Magazine’s Guide to Kissing, Circa 1942

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Life Magazine’s Guide to Kissing, ca. 1942. pic.twitter.com/II5ruDEFbe
— History in Moments (@historyinmoment) November 11, 2015

Once upon a time, in the middle of World War II, there was a right way to do it. And a wrong way to do it.


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