60 Massive Open Online Courses Getting Started in May: Enroll in a MOOC Today

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We’re seeing about 60 MOOCs getting started in May. Quite a bit fewer than the 180 that got underway in January. Or the 80 in April. But still not bad. You can visit our comprehensive list of MOOCs here and find a course that speaks to you.


80 Massive Open Online Courses Getting Started in April: Enroll in a MOOC Today

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We’re seeing about 80 MOOCs getting started in April. It’s a far cry from the 180 that got underway in January. But still not bad. You can visit our comprehensive list of MOOCs here and find a course that speaks to you.


Harvard’s Free Computer Science Course Teaches You to Code in 12 Weeks

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At the beginning of last year, we wrote about CS50, Harvard’s Introductory Computer Science course, taught by Professor David Malan. Today, we bring you the updated version of the class, filmed throughout the past semester at Harvard. Why revisit an updated version of the same class a year later? For one thing, the material has been updated.


The President of Northwestern University Predicts Online Learning … in 1934!

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One of our most popular posts this year centered around a prescient set of predictions that Isaac Asimov made for 2014, way back in 1964. Asimov, however, wasn’t the only one whose vision of the future seems to have been realized.


180 MOOCs to Start the New Year (Is This the Crest of the Wave?)

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Once the MOOC “revolution” got underway, universities, usually slow-moving and tight-fisted institutions, couldn’t run fast enough to put their own MOOCs online. And, right now, we’re seeing the results. In January alone, 180 MOOCs from major international universities, will get underway.


MOOC Providers Take Flight in Britain and Germany: Introducing Future Learn and Iversity

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They may be a little late to the MOOC party, but two newly-launched European open course platforms might still be able to carve out a niche.
Coursera and edX, the two main players in the US at this point, have been up and running for almost 18 months.


Google & edX to Create MOOC.Org: An Open Source Platform For Creating Your Own MOOC

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Almost exactly a year ago, we told you about Google’s release of Course Builder, an open source platform that would let you build your own online courses/MOOCs for free.


Stephen Colbert Tries to Make Sense of MOOCs with the Head of edX

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Last week Anant Agarwal, President of edX (the MOOC consortium launched by Harvard and MIT), paid a visit to The Colbert Report. And it didn’t take long for the host, the one and only Stephen Colbert, to ask funny but unmistakably probing questions about the advent of Massive Open Online Courses. “I don’t understand.


Seven New Courses Coming from the School of Open: Sign Up Today

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The School of Open is offering its second round of free, facilitated, online courses. Through August 4, you can sign up for 7 courses on open science, collaborative workshop design, open educational resources, copyright for educators, Wikipedia, CC licenses, and more.


Udacity Experiment at San Jose State Suspended After 56% to 76% of Students Fail Final Exams

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In January, San Jose State University (SJSU) made headlines when it announced that it would let students take credit-bearing online courses through the MOOC-provider Udacity. The courses were remedial in nature, focusing on topics like basic math, elementary statistics, college algebra, introductory computer programming and psychology.


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