Making the Case Against Laptops … With Liquid Nitrogen

Professors are increasingly souring on students bringing their laptops to class. Some are banning them. (The Washington Post has more on that.) And some are banning them emphatically. Like the physics professor from the University of Oklahoma. (Watch the video above.) What’s the solution? Maybe this student has the right idea (said in jest).

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Comments (8)
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  • Maybe they should ban pencils to prevent doodling in class as well?

  • norelpref says:

    An act of desperation. They know that laptops/netbooks/smart devices will one day, and perhaps soon, replace them.

  • Kimberly says:

    I am dysgraphic and dyslexic. My laptop is a tool I use to learn. I can’t take note my hand, never could. If I had this professor – I would be filing an ADA complaint before he mad it back t his office.

  • Bill Rankin says:

    What’s most amusing, is that throughout his “no-technology-in-the-class” diatribe, he’s sporting a mobile phone in a holster. If only it had gone off during his rant…

  • Lmaris says:

    You mean they might actually have to attend class, take notes, and pay attention to pass a class? Inhumane torture!

    Maybe the universities will be able to charge additional tuition for the snowflake’s parent to attend class and do their work for them.

  • Boz says:

    Can I do that to distracting laptops and other personal electronic devices in my home?

  • Koolaid says:

    Maybe the widwest is different but when you attend the visit days before you even get accepted to my school they told us we were required to have our own personal laptops for class.

    I thought that is was funny that considering he was not using chalk, chalkboard and a hybiscus he had no right to hypocritically destroy anyone elses tech.

  • Koolaid says:

    o and not to mention one of our prof has his ring tone set to sonic boom and his ring tone is a cat screaming as if it just got ran over by a semi. He will answer in the middle of class.

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