Joseph Stiglitz and Lawrence Lessig at Occupy Wall Street

Joseph Stiglitz teaches at the Columbia Business School and Columbia’s Department of Economics and, of course, won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2001.

The money quote from his appearance had less to do with economics per se and more with democracy: “We have too many regulations stopping democracy, and not enough regulations stopping Wall Street from misbehaving.” No bullhorns, are you serious?

You probably know Lawrence Lessig because of his work founding Creative Commons and promoting “Free Culture.” (Watch his final speech on Free Culture here.) Several years ago, Lessig moved from Stanford to Harvard, where he took up a new focus — government corruption. That’s what he grapples with in his new book, Republic, Lost and this related video. Given Lessig’s focus on how corporate money corrupts our political system, it’s not surprising that he would have something to say about the potential of the Wall Street protests.

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Comments (4)
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  • Lessig is right this is a chance to bridge the us vs them, fake partisan BS used to divide working people. But one problem is the blanket “tax the rich” (punish the successful) idea which the right will always reject.

    What Lessig and just about everyone else misses is there is a difference between making money with a business that produces real goods/services (i.e.Apple) and Private Banks that we have allowed to create all money as debt via Fractional Reserve Banking to reap obscene profits and put consumers, government and businesses into debt.

    If people were educated there are 2 things most would agree on:
    Support HR 6550.

    Restore Article 1 Trade Tariffs that funded government for most of American history, until completely destroyed by corporate flunkies Reagan, Clinton, Bush and Obama; protect US jobs and promote fair wages for foreign workers.

  • Dimitri says:

    This is weird, why do they repeat after them? They’re like 3rd graders or zombies, and the Zizek and Stiglitz are like some sort of preachers. Creepy.

  • tim says:

    @Dimitri … I think it has to do with the concept of “one voice” but it is quite annoying to listen to. I think they are taking that concept to far

  • @ Dimitri. They shout repeated things like that because they can’t use any kind of loudspeakers without a permit, and they group shout to transmit information. But it is one of those things that protesters get carried away with that looks ridiculous to everyone else, and anyone that posts a video like the 1st one thinking it will impress anyone is clueless.

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