Hunter S. Thompson Calls Tech Support, Unleashes a Tirade Full of Fear and Loathing (NSFW)

It has been said that “the true voice of [Hunter S.] Thompson is revealed to be that of American moralist … one who often makes himself ugly to expose the ugliness he sees around him.” That ugliness served its literary and journalistic purpose, no doubt. As for the purpose it served in his private life, in the realm of getting nitty-gritty, mundane things done, that’s a whole other question. Not much is known about this clip other than it features a NSFW voicemail that the gonzo journalist left for his local AV guy in Woody Creek, Colorado. The poor man….

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Comments (17)
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  • Paul Tatara says:

    I’m a genuine fan of Thompson’s best writing – which is by no means ALL of his writing – but I’m convinced that what he most needed was another good ass-kicking like the one he got from the Hell’s Angels. Honestly, given the stories of his mistreatment of everyday people, I would have been quite happy to bitch-slap the good Doctor and snap that ridiculous cigarette holder over my knee. Plus, after all he went through in his life, he took the coward’s way out with that shotgun. Legacy tainted.

  • John says:

    He takes a while to get into character, doesn’t he?

  • Milky Pirate says:

    What a douche.

  • Juan says:

    How reassuring to see he still pisses some people! keep commenting crap like somebody gives a shit, please.

  • Jon says:

    He’s an old man by this time you fool! He’s talking about a god damn DVD player!

    If you think that nonsense bullshit will get you anywhere then you’re in the wrong game.

    You may have some of the lesser people convinced – but not me Jack. I’ll see you in hell.

  • magnotta says:

    Did anyone ever say HT was well-balanced? Read Fear and Loathing for god’s sake!

  • Fred says:

    Sounds like the oceans of booze and drugs had taken their toll. Higher, empathic brain functions gone…leaving the angry, cunning lizard brain to spew and sputter.

  • Lynn says:

    In response to Paul Tatara – I honestly have never understood the response “he took the coward’s way out…..”
    What does that even mean? It’s such a common, cliched response to suicide and i don’t get the thought process. Please tell me what’s the very brave, heroic and proper ‘whay out’?

  • john says:

    I second the recommendation that he needs a good ass kicking. Really, in the great beyond I hope some techies dished out the karmic correction he deserves.

  • George Burgess says:

    He did, said and wrote what a lot of us were thinking but most of us just sat around with our thumbs up out butts.

  • squabmeat says:

    Sigh. Not how I wanted the good doctor to go out (again). I had the same ranting from my poor old dad when that new-fangled tech came in…I’ll try to be nicer when they put the USB plug into my head.

  • simone gad says:

    He was a very talented writer who had issues. Who doesn’t have issues. RIP-am sad he committed suicide. And that he was in so much pain and agony to take his life the way he did. I had a friend who also committed suicide that way, and other friends who did that with pills.

  • simone gad says:


  • No Use for Stupid People says:

    Lynn, suicide IS the coward’s way out It leaves other people to clean up a cowards’s mess. What kind of man splatters his brains all over the kitchen ceiling with his son and his grandchild in the next room?

  • fuck those people says:

    Fuck those half-wits Jaun, they don’t know and don’t have the capacity to learn to see the world beyond their predetermined path in life, its always remarkable to me that people who will die, and their names never spoken again, always seem to have advice for people risking everything so that the rest of us might have some hope of not spending our entire lives doing everything the same fuckin way, even though we determined it was the wrong way 20 years

  • fuck those people says:

    Cowards way out? choosing the means by which we move into the afterlife is Cowardly? To make the choice to enter an afterlife which is complete and utter mystery…. someone’s going to have to clean your ass up when you die and the closest you will have come to pulling the trigger will be the shitstains in your Adult diapers….

  • Belac says:

    Pretty sure it wasn’t a shotgun. Suicide is not the coward’s way out,think for yourself instead of using a meaningless phrases like “coward’s way out”. He went out on HIS OWN terms. Society still after all these years doesn’t accept suicide for sometimes what it actually is vs what religion and other societal expectations thinks it is. He was old, self-aware,bitchy, and no longer wanted to continue if he wasn’t gonna enjoy it.I’m sorry but going out on your own terms if far less cowardly than that brain rotted phrase gives it credit for. Some people realize they are too sensitive to live on this planet, can’t handle the coldness. Some realize they lost everything anyone, others get tired of the bullshit people cause. (ding ding that last one is something I relate to) Others are so depressed they hardly can bare another second on this large rock people try to pass off as a planet

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