I F***ing Love Science: The New, Uncensored Song by Hank Green

If you’re a regular OC reader, you’re familiar with John Green, the bestselling author who has produced a series of educational videos — most notably, A Crash Course in World HistoryA Crash Course on Literature, and the new PBS video series, The Art Assignment. John often produces videos with his brother Hank — a musician, biochemist and vlogger — who put his talents together to produce this new song, “I F***ing Love Science.” Be warned, the version above is uncensored. As are the lyrics, found below the jump. A clean, tame, censored version of the song can be found here.

I Fuckin’ Love Science
Can you even imagine
(Way back in the past when)
We thought that storms were caused by petty gods
Fightin’ on top of a mountain.

And yeah I like a good story
But eventually it’s gonna bore me
If it doesn’t have that truth;
That incontrovertible, testable, repeatable proof

I Fuckin’ love Science
I Fuckin’ Love Charles Darwin
Cause I don’t think it’s bold to question what you’re told
If you’re told that the world’s a thousand years old.
There’s nothing here to argue against,
It’s a process not an ideology,
And I fucking love science.

Sometimes people ask me,
Of all of the centuries,
Which I’d pick to live life in.
We’ll, that’s pretty easy…
Right now. If you think objectively.
If you like hot running water,
And memory foam beds,
And TV shows and cell phones,
And not being dead

You fuckin’ love science,
And I fuckin’ love Carl Sagan
‘Cause I think it’s fly to look up at the sky
And never ever ever stop wondering why
There’s nothing here to argue against
It’s a process not an ideology,
And I fucking love science.

Wooly mammoth embryos
Vaccines for smallpox and polio
Your TV set, the internet
Your PS4, supersonic jets.

Exoplanets galaxies,
DNA, germ theory, relativity,
Just take a sec to think about it
How screwed we would be without it.

I Fuckin’ love Science
And I love Rosalind Franklin,
‘Cause I want to die remembering why
The truth is more important than winning a prize.
There’s nothing here to argue against.
It’s a process not an ideology,
And I fucking love science.

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