Gravity Visualized by High School Teacher in an Amazingly Elegant & Simple Way

Just a few miles down the highway from Open Culture’s gleaming headquarters you will find Los Gatos High School, where Dan Burns, an AP Physics Teacher, has figured out a simple but clever way to visualize gravity, as it was explained by Einstein’s 1915 General Theory of Relativity. Get $20 of spandex, some marbles, a couple of weights, and you’re all good to go. Using these readily-available objects, you can demonstrate how matter warps space-time, how objects gravitate towards one another, and why objects orbit in the way they do. My favorite part comes at the 2:15 mark, where Burns demonstrates the answer to a question you’ve maybe pondered before: why do all planets happen to orbit the sun moving in a clockwise (rather than counter-clockwise) fashion? Now you can find out why.

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  • mike hire says:

    So then Matter is 3 D and Space-Time is 2 dimensional ….

  • Chet says:

    I think Venus is the only planet that doesn’t go clockwise…maybe Nepture too….

  • Daniel Sieradski says:

    Brian Greene did this on Colbert the other night.

  • Duane Ertle says:

    Dear Reader,

    A person may wonder why there cannot exist a state of peace between those who believe the Bible to be truthful, and those who believe that evolution is how mankind came into existence. The reason there is no common ground between the two is that there is need of deceptive lying by someone. One group of people is knowingly promoting that which is, obviously, not right – but which one is it?

    It is those that believe it necessary for them to lie in order to support their claims and cannot rely upon reality to justify their theories. The real “truth” concerning evolution is that it is a THEORY. That is the absolute truth. Those who espouse this idea do not speak of it in the sense of it being a theory at all. Because they have a vested interest in this devised concept with its preemption of God, and hoping there is no actual judgement before God for what they do, such believe if they run with the herd they are safe. It is not a particular person or group of people evolutionists despise, but it is the Christian religion in general that those who espouse the concept of evolution oppose. Evolution, the ‘big bang’, and abortion are all pretty much tied together in the attempt to get rid of a Biblical God. Though this statement is not a surprise to anyone, the person who reads this is likely not to realize the animosity and desperate need these people have to continually prove themselves a judge of all life-values for all people.

    It is because of their necessity to lie, and their promoting deception at any cost, that I am stating the following. I have done a great deal of work in understanding how and why time functions in our world as it does, and would like to list some of what I have discovered:

    1. Earth’s gravitational field is propagated at a speed less than that of light. It is a product of electromagnetic energy. The equation for this force is c2=E/m, this completing the ‘physics trilogy’. I have conducted gravitational experiments where the gravitational field has been increased and decreased according to the value of c2=E/m. “Youtube” – ‘Successful Gravity Experiment’, by StCorridon.

    2. I determined that it is the spin of our planet which forms earth’s magnetic field. Were our moon to have been created having any spin to its mass, the magnetic field formed would cause it to become slowly attracted to one of earth’s poles where it would begin approaching till earth and our moon met. It is the heat energy contained within a large solar mass that supplies the energy necessary for both a gravitational field and a magnetic one. Were a planet the size of earth to be encountered in outer space, and were it to have no heat energy within, then that planet would have no gravitational field, or a magnetic one, about it. No heat – no energy. All that would exist is “m” mass.

    3. The electron is composed of electromagnetic energy that has overlapped its own frequency, thus bonding frequency with frequency, and all the while maintaining the velocity state of ‘c’. This form of mass then forms neutrons and protons which in turn have formed our physical universe and given all matter a common time value. This value of “c” all clocks measure in their own abstract manner.

    4. I showed where Newton made a mistake in believing that all mass of the universe automatically attracts other masses. Newton was in error when he stated (Wikipedia) gravity is “a force which causes any two bodies to be attracted to each other, with the force proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.” Because the force of gravity performs work, it must have an energy source (which becomes a variable). What form of energy expenditure is it that allows hydroelectric power to come into existence through the medium of gravity? Newton said: (Fg = G m1 x m2 / r². The force of gravity equals ‘the gravitational constant, times mass one, times mass two, divided by the radius squared.’ The correct equation describing the source and force of a field of gravity, (as to why it exists) is: (Fg = m1 x Q² times m2 x Q² / r²). The force of gravity is equal to mass one, times heat energy squared, times mass two, times heat energy squared, divided by the radius squared. What is called the ‘gravitational constant’ today is really a variable. The force of gravity is a product of a particular kind of energy. Were this not true, then this force would have to be created in all mass at all time. Planet earth uses 0.00444 kg. per. sec. of mass converted into gravitational quanta. Our sun expends approximately 665 lbs. per sec. in order to perform the work of keeping the planets in place.

    5. Then, Einstein made a mistake in stating mass increases its own mass as it is accelerated. An accelerated mass does not gain mass. It converts the overall mass frequency so there is a decrease of energy (frequency) at right angles to its motion, and a proportional increase of energy-frequency in the direction of travel. As the reader will note in “The Problem and Repair of Relativity”, ( there is a major problem with our current concept of earth and sun and their interior workings. At the 0.716 mile location inward within the core point of our planet, were a mass to be released at this location it would exceed the speed of light in one second (a mass cannot do this and yet remain a mass). This same critical distance in our sun is 400 miles outward from its core point. At that location a mass would exceed the speed of light in one second were it released there. Einstein used the wrong form of energy for an accelerated mass. The correct form of energy that describes a moving mass relates to electromagnetic energy, not to the Joule. (E = hf) states that mass composed of electromagnetic energy will change in overall frequency no matter how slight the change may be, and shall register an increase of mass frequency/density in direction of acceleration. Electromagnetic energy forms all electrons, which in turn form neutrons and protons. (mv = mf²), mass times its frequency squared, describes mass being composed of electromagnetic energy, contracting in overall frequency in direction of travel. This gets rid of the concept that an accelerating mass may gain unlimited energy/mass. Mass is composed of electromagnetic energy and degenerates into that, as in a nuclear explosion.

    A further problem Einstein’s thinking brought about is the concept that the force of gravity is able to be compounded along with that of mass density to form “black holes” – it won’t work. The equation c2=E/m states that as a mass is compressed and forced to increase in heat value (energy) the newly formed energy is released in form of gravitons (ultimately a value of (c=h), which equation also is the answer to TOE) – both of these being constants and each having a per second value). This leads us to the realization that the concepts of worm holes and the big bang are impossibilities. Everything in our universe has been formed of physical time (the first two equations of the ‘physics trilogy’ describe this), which physical reality we cannot alter in any manner because we are totally composed of it. The third equation of the trilogy, ‘c2=E/m’ describes energy formed within a mass brought about by the first two equations.

    Mass is formed of physical time (the value ‘c’). Mass and energy change but time does not. The last equation of the trilogy (c²=E/m) states that as an energy to mass ratio increases, so also does the field of gravity (a field of gravity also being a literal field of physical time. It is impossible to compress either physical time or gravity). The (c²=E/m) equation totally invalidates the ‘big bang’ theory. The false, atheistic big bang doctrine cannot replace the creation event recorded in the Bible.

    • The following is how the E, m, and c² concept works in a back and forth manner in the approximate conversion of one kilogram (2.205 lbs.) of mass into energy expressed in Joules:

    (E) =mc²; (1 kg., times 2.9979 e8, times 2.9979 e8) = 8.9874 e16 Joules.
    (m) =E/c²; (8.9874 e16 Joules, divided by “c²” 2.9979 e8, times 2.9979 e8) = 1 kg.
    (c²) =E/m; (8.9874 e16 Joules, divided by 1 kg.) = “c²” or 2.9979 e8 times 2.9979 e8.

    “Interesting,” you say, “but where is the proof, and so what if you have learned what you say you have?”

    The evidence of what I have written is in the gravitational experiments I have performed. If it is possible to form and collapse a gravitational field, then the source of this force is known and the other concepts could also, eventually, become obvious.

    This effort was begun because of the way the theory of evolution was being lied about years ago. These people have a (religious?) agenda that they pursue at all cost, and they need to be brought to account. Their object is to destroy the message and messenger. Twice in the 90’s I went to Washington, D.C. and gave to Senators and Representatives information on what I had done, and complained of U.S. “Agency” interference. Then, at the same time, I did the same in Lansing, Michigan. I realized at the time what I had done would likely not be believed – and, evidently, it wasn’t; I did it anyway. This sounds sort of “shammy”, but if there is someone who would like to represent a person against the U.S. Government and how they seek to control citizens because what they promote is “politically incorrect” please contact me. It seems as though it may take a government not friendly to the U.S. in order to do this, otherwise the foxes are out counting the chickens! I would like the organization exposed.

    Over the past ten years I have sent this and similar information to the DOJ and never received a response. I did not understand until recently that it is a corrupt organization. Concepts that refute the Big Bang, abortion, or Evolution would be dismissed. Should this reach you, inquire of a conservative organization (Bob Jones University, Cedarville University etc.) concerning the concepts. MAKE SCIENCE GREAT AGAIN!

    Duane Ertle, Sebring Florida

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