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Every year, right before Labor Day, 50,000 people travel to Black Rock City, Nevada to take part in Burning Man — an experimental community dedicated to radical self reliance, radical self-expression and art. The 2016 edition is underway. And you can feel free to drop in any time. Above, watch a live stream of life on the dusty Playa. Hopefully things should get pretty interesting on Saturday night when they set fire to “the Man.”

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Comments (37)
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  • Carl Russo says:

    It’s a corporate retreat, isn’t it?

  • Carlos Lemos says:

    This is the Best Festival in the Universe :)

  • P Heresy says:

    Not a corporate retreat whatsoever. There are specific principles this festival functions under.

    besides the principle of “leave no trace”, radical free expression, radical self reliance, radical inclusion and participation, there is the principal of decomodifying and gifting.
    that means no advertising or selling of anything. No theme camps flying a corporate banner.
    Barter happens, but mostly a gift economy is encouraged.

    I recommend going to their website, it will tell you everything along with eye candy abounding. If you can attend you may find it to be a profound and life changing experience.

  • ghhgdjhgsafh says:

    Stream not working.

  • Wlad says:

    Why do you show this thing live? Why do you write about it? Is it because it is about upper middle-class and the rich, white, Americans who do some random stuff in a desert, so therefore must be unique and interesting and the whole World should know about it? There are so many nicer things taking place around Africa, Asia, Europe, Micronesia, South America but no, you show what a bunch of white Americans do. I won’t waste my time further on this non-sense.

  • spectrum says:

    Thanks for streaming this!

  • Laura says:

    Thanks for the live streaming this year. Last year was terrible. And years before have been good. but this year is great. Only thing that would make it better is to have music in the broadcast. And cool announcements as you are watching.
    Love that the camera changes often and zooms in on different installations!

  • Julie Mc says:

    Ahh.. thank you for cleaning the lens!

  • Courtney littlewing lanza says:

    Burn baby burn AhoO!

  • DOCTOREAMO says:


  • DOCTOREAMO says:


  • Carl Russo says:

    I was being sarcastic. The fest was coopted years ago.

  • Raf says:

    Your conclusion is wrong,
    You should also create streams for Africa, Asia, Europe, Micronesia, South America etc.

    Burning man is the only city in the world that is built and taken apart yearly, and it has participants from around the world, not just white middle class.

  • Argo the argonaut says:

    I’ve been following the streaming on and off since it was set up….
    Thank you Motorcycle Mike for the work/setting up/ and occasional narrations.
    I missed going this year and am so pleased to see “the man, the temple, a number of art projects and, the “puffer’s” Great job!!! The night time shows are the best.

  • Emma FJ says:

    Great having sound, thank you! I’m watching from the bottom end of Africa. My kids are in there somewhere…

  • turbo divine says:

    the stream is awesome ! even thru the glitches….
    first time in 14 years I couldn’t make it…. watching brings me closer and tears to my eyes ❤

  • cheryl says:

    Wherever you go…there you are…you get out of this what you want/need….like any experience. I am intrigued and glad you are streaming! Thanks!

  • Fix Watson says:

    Is it me or does this year’s festival site looks more modest and sparse than in the preceeding years ???

  • Fox Watson says:

    Whoops! Lost the whole stream+ BMRI!

  • van granaroli says:

    )'(BEST LIVE STREAM EVER!!! and this orphan has seen every one )'(2007-11 and 2013-now)'(i was home 2006 & 2012)'(Thank You SO much! )'(

  • Jennie Spooner says:

    Your doing good with the camera.during the burn do some close up and some far

  • Cathy says:

    Love the webcam for those of us who can’t make it, this years cam is really great, keep it going. Can’t wait for the burn tonight.

  • Chuck Cirino says:

    Nice lens cleaning job! Dangerous work… but someone had to do it!

  • belaglik says:

    I never cared much about Burning Man or gave it much thought, but the fact that you are so offended by it must mean it has something going for it. Thanks, Wlad!

  • Noone says:

    Yea Wlad, what are you? Are you a poor white american or(any other color poor american) for that matter?, with no money and no way to get to Nevada? Why are you making this a racial thing? Did you join the peace core to travel to these countries that need your help so desperately as you point out, or are you spending time hating on people enjoying there freedoms here in AMERICA to do as they please, the freedom and the right to pursue happiness. So you are an ass@@@@.

  • NvMade says:

    I haven’t been back to the Playa in a few so enjoyed watching the fireworks and the Man burn. I guess the Black Rock is calling me back soon.
    Special Thanks for the Network Operations team.

  • turbo divine says:

    Matt , the amount of commitment to this is SUPER, I love you ,we , love you ….. shine on my Burnet brother, and oh yeah …… you have a way cute voice……

  • Brandy says:


    I am one of those who have never been to Burning Man. Still on my list to find a group and go.

    I really like your webcast and your interviews. For next year an inset picture from the webcast shelter would be nice.

    In the mean time keep up the good work.

  • Bonnie Bushaw says:

    This is my son’s 3rd Burn. Watching him and his campmates prepare for a year has been fun and now it was possible to see a view of the playa. Thanks for the great stream.

  • Paul says:

    Love the feed. I have never been but someday I want to go. I remember when Burning Man was on Ocean Beach in San Francisco. My friends and I had no idea what it was. Just a bunch of people having a bonfire yelling Burn Burn. To think it all came from that.

  • howell says:

    Thank you for a job well done……. Nice….. Great camera…. Can you share the model?? You and the team can take pride in this Webcast…..
    Again Thank for bringing this to the World….

  • Paul Terrell says:

    Howell Ivy was that you?

  • Paul Terrell says:

    Burning Man from 5800 feet on Mt. Rose Highway!!!

  • Karel says:

    Ok. So do not waste your time, do not watch fhis, and best, do not waste your time by writing your pure comment. just do something better.
    good luck.

  • Karel says:

    Wlad, Ok. So do not waste your time, do not watch fhis, and best, do not waste your time by writing your pure comment. just do something better.
    good luck.

  • Doug says:

    Why did you cut off the live feed???? Are we now not allowed to watch the man burn????

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