How Can You Tell a Good Drummer from a Bad Drummer?: Ringo Starr as Case Study

Yesterday Josh Jones made the case for appreciating the subtle genius of Ringo Starr. And as if to second that, Dirk K. sent this video (above) our way.

Asked what separate good drummers from bad, drummer Brandon Khoo gives a short demonstration that puts Ringo’s talents in the right light. It’s not about the flash, the shock-and-awe display of technique. It’s about his ability–as Dave Grohl echoes below–to “sit in the song” and “find the right feel,” true to the philosophy that sometimes less is more.

Thanks Dirk for sending this our way. And thanks Ringo for putting on a great show in Marin on Saturday night.

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Comments (9)
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  • Bill W. says:

    Karen Carpenter, underdog of the drumming-world!

  • Brian says:

    What do they call those guys that hang out with musicans?
    Drummers? Thats right,

  • Thomas Anderson says:

    Thanks so much for this little lesson. I’m a guitarist, but always appreciated the other components. I’ve always felt that Ringo is one of the greatest drummers ever, but didn’t know how to explain it. You explained it perfectly. You people have an awesome website! Thanks for all you do.

  • Cooky Mann says:

    Tbw luckiest drummer alive wouldn’t have been anything if it weren’t for Paul McCartney telling (and SHOWING) him what to play, along with George Martin extrenely detailed production, recording and mix of each and every song.

  • Indian Andy says:

    I was a drummer. But I’m ok now.

  • Tammy Davis says:

    Cooky, why is it everyone gives so much credit to Paul McCartney? It’s sad as the truth and reality are known to some, that if it weren’t for John Lennon the Beatles wouldn’t have been what they were…John Lennon was the genius writer of that band. Just saying….

  • Tammy Davis says:

    Besides all that…Ringo was a basic drummer. In my opinion, the greatest drummer is Neil Peart. Even the drummer from Van Halen out does Ringo. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ringo and he was one of the first drummers to bring to light the new generation of Rock and Roll….but as time went on he was no longer the best….most famous, YES!

  • Tammy Marie Davis says:


  • Tammy Marie Davis says:

    Agreed on the Karen Carpenter comment…

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