What Do Aliens Look Like? Oxford Astrobiologists Draw a Picture, Based on Darwinian Theories of Evolution

When Charles Darwin laid out his theory of natural selection in 1859, little could he have imagined that, a good 150 years later, this cornerstone of evolutionary theory might help us form a mental picture of what alien life looks like. But that’s precisely how a group of researchers from Oxford University have done: In a research paper called “Darwin’s Aliens,” they’ve applied Darwin’s theory to alien life, positing that aliens–like humans–adapt to their environment, undergo natural selection, and move from simple to complex life forms. And, by the end, they could plausibly look something like a “colony of Ewoks from Star Wars or the Octomite” pictured above.

You can read “Darwin’s Aliens” in the International Journal of Astrobiology. It’s published on the Cambridge Core website.

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via The Guardian

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  • Patricia says:

    They are so advance in everything in life. They can do anything. Yes! They believe in God! Aliens are not stupid. They don’t think u will understand them . They look like us. They are kind. Friendly. Open your mind. Stop saying stupid stuff. They are human.They have heart’s.pretty people and very unusual name’s.Alien’s are like us and have family’s.Soon they will come and show us all how too live the right way. In Pease. To live and learn. They visit. Alien’s are good people.

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