Make Orwell Fiction Again

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Comments (19)
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  • Bill W. says:

    Totally agree. Let’s get rid of the people who: revise/erase history, tear down statues, condemn centuries-dead people for not having narrow 21st Century values, those who censor others for committing Politically Incorrect “thought crimes”, assault & batter those for having different political beliefs, silence those who put God first, point-out the flaws of others while ignoring their own, ban/boycott things, mistake opinion as fact (or news), are reverse-racists, misandrist, anti-science (it’s just a “clump of cells”), worship at the altar of Big Brother Big Government, invent words and/or change their original meanings, teachers who indoctrinate rather than educate, defy science and logic to promote feelings and emotion, endorse mindless mob violence, murder of the defenseless, try to ‘fix’ things that really aren’t broken, and believe in free-stuff from the mythological Money Tree…let’s put an end to having the inmates running the asylum; this cap is indeed spot-on. Reliance on the government is slavery. Let’s revert back to rugged individualism and self-sufficientcy; if everyone minded their own business, and respect the opinions and rights of others, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

    God, Country, Family!

  • gwr says:

    Gee Bill… How about- People who lie about/ignore history, debase culture, condemn people for not having narrow right wing/christian fundamentalist values, censoring others for expression of their individuality, assault and batter those with different political beliefs (!), silence those who hold non-christian spiritual beliefs, point out and mock the flaws of others while ignoring their own (!), ban/boycott things (?), mistake news and facts as opinion, are racist, misogynist, anti-science (!), worship at the altar of nationalism and corporate dominance, invent words and/or change their meanings (!), indocrinators rather than educators (!), defy science and logic to promote division and corporate dominance and destruction of the environment, endorse mindless mob violence (!), murder of defenseless black teenagers, try to fix things like international arms and trade agreements that aren’t broken, and believe in patriarchal entitlement and laissez faire mythology. Now that the cap is on the other head maybe you can see how the red MAGA one is so insulting. But I agree, everyone should mind their own business and respect the opinions and rights of others.

    Science, Nature, Art!

  • Gerald says:

    Amen, indeed. And the only way to assure that Orwell remains fiction is to halt the arrogation of increasing power to government. Smaller and less intrusive government means more individual freedom. We have a ways to go, but at least some progress has been made in the last couple of years.

  • Patricia Duncan says:

    Are the Orwell hats for sale?

  • Jonathan Collins says:

    It’s only fascism when your side loses!

  • JV says:

    I agree with Bill W. and gwr: the message on the hat applies to both sides. Should probably be blue AND red. Or maybe purple?

  • Bonnie says:

    Well said! I couldn’t agree more.

  • Bonnie says:

    I should have clarified, I agree with Bill W. and gwr! (I mistakenly thought my reply would be posted directly under the one I was actually replying too.)

  • Donald Johnson says:

    You know, the hat’s clever, and I bought one when I first saw it on the web, but I must tell you, after wearing one in public it looks from a distance like just another MAGA hat, and a lot of folks that DO read what it really says don’t know who ‘Orwell’ is. Just sayin’.

  • Ally Clapham-Carter says:

    Please make this a t-shirt, preferably black with white writing.

  • jim says:

    Mr. Orwell is another of the social heros turned into a demigod in “our” image. Nitpicking the societl and political issues under the all encompassing blanket of Orwell isn’t rational or fair.
    Both blues and reds blame many of the same exact things on the other. SIGH It’s easy to lay blame for many of the issues prominent on both sides.
    Orwell was about the repression of ALL representation, and the repression of ALL self evaluated proposals of fact as denied with the destruction of written materials.

    His realm and the current one are ONLY in the eye of the beholder, desperately holding up another weapon to bash and blame the other side.


  • Murray says:

    Guess you can replace all the “right” terms with “left” ones and be on point. So sad the left HATES the President.

    President Obama did and said many things against my values and hurt our country, but I chose NOT to hate him. However, you and others have given everyone a blueprint how to treat the next Obama. Thanks for that🙄

  • Sunny says:

    No blueprint should be taken from either side these passed 2 years. I will admit I’m socially liberal but there were many things I disagreed with during both the W and Obama presidencies. What I respected was the guidance of people around them, the balance of power and our democracy.
    Whether I hate Trump or not is irrelevant. What I hate is what is going on with our democracy and I hope the erosion that is taking place is only temporary.

  • Shannon says:

    the point of the slogan “make orwell fiction again” is to limit government. trump isnt perfect however hes moving out country in the right direction, in one way by cutting taxes. by the way how are right wingers silencing those who oppose them? when have we ever done that? we believe in the constitution! you think racism is bad yet you group all conservatives together and blame us for ‘killing defenseless black teenagers’??

  • Thog says:

    Thog no caare

  • right direction? says:

    Right direction by ignoring everyone about a virus? Including his own intelligence? All because he felt like it was an attack from the democrat party.. SO now we all get to suffer for months? All I can say is I didn’t vote for him.. and he has more blood on his hands than Hillary every dreamed of. JS

  • Brian says:

    Those statues you speak of should be preserved in museums. The government relies on people, not the other way around. We are in danger of destroying our democracy, American democracy, and it has been decades in the making. We dont manufacture any longer. We dont invent. The biggest industries are tech, military, and financial. The cost of education has risen, our spending power per dollar has significantly declined, wages have been stagnant, and those who have destroyed this country, the econony, all have their golden parachutes and more infividual wealth than hundreds of thousands of families combined. The power and wealth is becoming more and more concentrated and we the people are financing this without much resistance at all.

  • Brian says:

    Gotta start somewhere. Total repression doesn’t happen overnight, but we have been moving in that direction, which has accelerated under trump because of his authoritarian and fascist tendencies. Sending federal troops into states, promoting conspiracies, endorsing violence against those who speak out against him, misinforming and lying to the public, firing and/or smearing those who dont pledge loyalty, surrounding hinself with corrupted criminals, in bed with Putin…trump is trying to consolidate power, not limit it. And for a republucan voter speaking of limiting government I’d like to remind you that the police state, the hand of big brother, grew exponentially under the bush administration after 9/11. The creation of DHS. The Patriot Act. ICE. An on. None of which were necessary to stop terrorist threats. 9/11 was exploited and our fears used to grant greater power and oversight on us, on Americans. This was extended under obama, along with bush tax cuts that, yet again, predominantly benefited the top 1% in this country.

    You’re all my fellow Americans and i respect and appreciate our right to express our opinions. But I believe our views may be shaped by our emotions and are far less objective as a result. Be safe everyone, and lets work together to make Orwell fiction again. Neither party is on our side. Both parties prey on our great and divided population, and while we are distracted beleiving and fighting over weather the trumps or bidens of this country have our side, the trumps, bidens, kochs, bezos’ soros’…are greatlt expanding their wealth and influence.

  • Treuer Wolf says:


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