What Can You Do About QAnon?: A Short Take from Documentary Filmmaker Kirby Ferguson

You know that QAnon supporters figured prominently in the Capitol insurrection. Two QAnon conspiracy theorists now hold seats in Congress. And perhaps you read the disturbing profile this weekend about the QAnon supporter who attended the elite Dalton School in Manhattan and then Harvard. So–you’re maybe thinking–it’s finally worth understanding what QAnon is, and what we can do about it. Above, watch a 10 minute Op-Doc from filmmaker Kirby Ferguson, whose work we’ve featured here before. As you’ll see, his recommendations (from late October) align with expert advice found in our recent post, How to Talk with a Conspiracy Theorist: What the Experts Recommend. After the violence of January 6, however, it’s reasonable to ask whether we need something more than coddling and patience.

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Comments (7)
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  • WW says:

    …and not a word about the domestic terrorists who threatened this nation from coast-to-coast, last summer. As with QAnon, they (Antifa/BLM) were, and are, an equal-threat to this nation, and have representation in Congress, as well. Middle America saw through their SJW/Civil Rights excuse and charade, seeing them for what they really are: Social Marxists –as repugnant as their Nazi counterparts on the far-Right. The Silent Majority, mostly Moderates, need to rise-up and eliminate the threats from both ends of the political spectrum, canceling the people who will tear-apart America from the inside (to Russia and China’s delight). Only then will we be a normal country again, as it was 30 years ago, despite our differences. Sure, we had problems then, too, but the adults were still in-charge, unlike today, where civil discourse is a lost-art. Too bad the kids here don’t remember or know how well-functioning American society was in those days! If they did, they’d immediately recognize the hypocrisy of what they believe, here.

  • Not-Q says:

    … and not a word about Trump’s muslim ban.

    Oh sorry, thought we were playing a game of whataboutism.

  • Andrew says:

    There is a very clear, straight, and direct line from the extreme lunacy of QAnon to the more mundane and banal conspiracy theories that are routinely accepted as gospel on the right wing.

    The notion that there is a significant left-wing terrorist threat from “Antifa/BLM” or “Social Marxists” is one of those more common false theories. It is promoted by an entire media infrastructure, from Fox on down, and it poisons the brains of painfully gullible, insecure people like WW.

  • ActualMiddle says:

    It’s cute when far-right conspiracy mongers that rail against justice, civil rights, and anti-fascists and the fact the Black lives do matter with wHaTaBoUt false equivalencies in defense of Q-MAGA try to claim they are somewhere in the middle.

  • WW says:

    All these people blindly attacking my post, but none can say WHY I’m wrong. Not an original thought amongst the sheep. The world isn’t black & white as left/right extremists would have you believe, it’s grey. And f*ck Islam; I served in the Middle East, and those people are racist, misogynistic animals.

  • WW says:

    BTW, go to BLM’s website. They outright-state they’re Marxist, and want communism in America. Postmodernism is for idiots!

  • Jack says:

    WW, I just went to BLM’s website and found no references to Marxism or Communism. Please direct us to those references, if they actually exist.

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