Who Built the Egyptian Pyramids & How Did They Do It?: New Archeological Evidence Busts Ancient Myths

Although it’s certainly more plausible than hypotheses like ancient aliens or lizard people, the idea that slaves built the Egyptian pyramids is no more true. It derives from creative readings of Old Testament stories and technicolor Cecil B. Demille spectacles, and was a classic whataboutism used by slavery apologists. The notion has “plagued Egyptian scholars for centuries,” writes Eric Betz at Discover. But, he adds emphatically, “Slaves did not build the pyramids.” Who did?

The evidence suggests they were built by a force of skilled laborers, as the Veritasium video above explains. These were cadres of elite construction workers who were well-fed and housed during their stint. “Many Egyptologists,” including archeologist Mark Lehner, who has excavated a city of workers in Giza, “subscribe to the hypotheses that the pyramids were… built by a rotating labor force in a modular, team-based kind of organization,” Jonathan Shaw writes at Harvard Magazine. Graffiti discovered at the site identifies team names like “Friends of Khufu” and “Drunkards of Menkaure.”

The excavation also uncovered “tremendous quantities of cattle, sheep, and goat bone, ‘enough to feed several thousand people, even if they ate meat every day,’ adds Lehner,” suggesting that workers were “fed like royalty.” Another excavation by Lehner’s friend Zahi Hawass, famed Egyptian archaeologist and expert on the Great Pyramid, has found worker cemeteries at the foot of the pyramids, meaning that those who perished were buried in a place of honor. This was incredibly hazardous work, and the people who undertook it were celebrated and recognized for their achievement.

Laborers were also working off an obligation, something every Egyptian owed to those above them and, ultimately, to their pharoah. But it was not a monetary debt. Lehner describes what ancient Egyptians called bak, a kind of feudal duty. While there were slaves in Egypt, the builders of the pyramids were maybe more like the Amish, he says, performing the same kind of obligatory communal labor as a barn raising. In that context, when we look at the Great Pyramid, “you have to say ‘This is a hell of a barn!’’’

The evidence unearthed by Lehner, Hawass, and others has “dealt a serious blow to the Hollywood version of a pyramid building,” writes Shaw, “with Charlton Heston as Moses intoning, ‘Pharaoh, let my people go!’” Recent archeology has also dealt a blow to extra-terrestrial or time-travel explanations, which begin with the assumption that ancient Egyptians could not have possessed the know-how and skill to build such structures over 4,000 years ago. Not so. Veritasium explains the incredible feats of moving the outer stones without wheels and transporting the granite core of the pyramids 620 miles from its quarry to Giza.

Ancient Egyptians could plot directions on the compass, though they had no compasses. They could make right angles and levels and thus had the technology required to design the pyramids. What about digging up the Great Pyramid’s 2 million blocks of yellow limestone? As we know, this was done by a skilled workforce, who quarried an “olympic swimming-pool’s worth of stone every eight days” for 23 years to build the Great Pyramid, notes Joe Hanson in the PBS It’s Okay to Be Smart video above. They did so using the only metal available to them, copper.

This may sound incredible, but modern experiments have shown that this amount of stone could be quarried and moved, using the technology available, by a team of 1,200 to 1,500 workers, around the same number of people archaeologists believe to have been on-site during construction. The limestone was quarried directly at the site (in fact the Sphinx was mostly dug out of the earth, rather than built atop it). How was the stone moved? Egyptologists from the University of Liverpool think they may have found the answer, a ramp with stairs and a series of holes which may have been used as a pulley system.

Learn more about the myths and the realities of the builders of Egypt’s pyramids in the It’s Okay to Be Smart “Who Built the Pyramids, Part 1″ video above.

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Josh Jones is a writer and musician based in Durham, NC. Follow him at @jdmagness

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Comments (133)
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  • Peter Lyons says:

    Is it possible that the Egyptians used oils the grease the slabs and make them easier to move over a ramp?

  • Will says:

    I just don’t buy it. The stones are too large to have been erected by primitive means. you can explain it to me over and over and I still don’t believe that ancient Egyptians built these structures.

  • Denn says:

    I’ve yet to see anyone carve granite with a copper chisel.

    Granite is 8-9 in hardness, while copper is at best 2-3.

    It just doesn’t work. Imagine trying to cut mild steel with a lipstick.

  • Patrick Wagner says:

    I believe pyramid construction was thoroughly explained in the movie K2019 The Great Pyramids.Not so mysterious but intriguing and believable.

  • Barbara Stevenson says:


  • Myron Logan says:

    They and you know who built the pryamids me and my people did and to this very day you still don’t know how we done lol and you people are still trying to figure out but here’s my question if black people are so this and that then why are you still trying to study my pryamids just a question for white people

  • Myron Logan says:

    Just know one thing white people didn’t do it now I bet they can’t claim that

  • philippe couty says:

    Experimental archeologists ( scientist against myths , youtube)in Russia have drilled holes in granite with a wooden drill equipped with a copper bit and sand to the same results found in Egypt , they have also cut granite using a copper saw and sand ,according to them , the cut and holes are achieved through abrasion and movement of the copper implement while drilling and cutting .A diorite vase was reproduced with the same techniques , no laser , death rays involved here nor are aliens . Insofar the perfect aligned stone (limestone not granite )blocks in the pyramids ,may be all the answers you need is in Geopolymer theories ( see Prof. Joseph Davidovitz theories ).

  • Jay says:

    Why are you touting this as “brand new”? We’ve known for years that they were skilled laborers and certainly not Jews as Jews weren’t in existence at the time of the building of the pyramids. The finding that there are remnants of massive sites or townships showing pottery and cattle bones giving credence to the notion bread and meat were regularly consumed as well as a type of mead which bordered on being a meal in itself and for which workers had a daily ration of over 10 pints has been common knowledge since circa 1990 and the discovery of the 4,000 + year old tombs were first displayed by “Egypt Today” back in January 2010.

    Have a look at this article:


  • PaleHorse says:

    You mean as in with the loading method called “Senor McLoadenstein?” That would’ve been a pretty efficient method tbh- because “es muy rapido.”

  • Jay says:

    This is hardly new. We’ve known this for at least 11 years and certainly suspected it since the 90’s when the first 4,000 + year old worker time were found around Cairo.


  • Margie says:

    The Jews built the pyramids

  • Phil says:

    The head of the Egyptian antiquities dept. Back in the 90’s admitted that what they previously thought were beams from an ancient ship turned out to be parts to a wooden apparatus that was used to build the pyramids. Some guy and his team built one and they used it to place a pyramid block from the ground on to the next level of the pyramid and it only took two guys to operate it. They were also lifting cars and vans. There is a video somewhere, I believe the guy’s name is Ron.

  • James Morgan says:

    I believe that the Great Pyramid was built 10500 b c by people who fled Atlantis. The Hall of Records when found will prove it. There is no way that no matter how many people you have it could not build this structure in approx 25 years especially with copper tools.

  • todd Ryan hooper says:

    Evidence never ‘busts’ any theory, proof does, and how do you measure plausibility concerning such strict unknown unknowables? You cant

  • Owl says:

    If a regular guy pulls/pushs 150# then 1000 guys should be able to pull/push 50tons. And Egypt enslaved millions.
    And these people worked it everyday!

  • RobinSeppi says:

    The 10,500 year BC date has been being thrown around for decades and I have always believed that we have had help from Aliens and I have been called everything you can imagine but I have never thought that belief in God means that humans are the only ones made as I can’t be that much of a pompous ass and I am 60 and I was born believing that all those stars in the night sky could have life and I have not seen an alien yet but I know that there is a possibility that I will before I die!

  • Hue Man says:

    Hey Myron,

    Stop being a racist moron..

  • R says:

    I believe the pyramid was made to look like a star because of the shape and the white layer coating. With the moonlight it may have shimmered in the dark.

  • R says:

    Maybe it even aligns with a certain star too

  • midorosan says:

    I was so put off by the narrator’s habit of waving his hands I had to stop, pity because it looked interesting, no need for all the waving and gesturing, he also needs to work on his whiny voice.

  • John says:

    There are 5x as many pyramids in the South Sudan, and they are much older , but no one wants to look into it because the black- nubian tribe is still there. One English man went there and came to the same conclusion. This guy sopke of Aswan..Aswan , Egyot(khmt),the Black-khmt and nubian people are still there..

  • Johnny Whitebread says:

    Get a life you butthurt racist POS! …and while you’re at it start reading accurate history and stop listening to Paul Mooney’s rhetoric. You’re what’s wrong with this world.

  • Koby Lindsey says:

    Hey Myron:

    Get a life you butthurt racist POS! …and while you’re at it start reading accurate history and stop listening to Paul Mooney’s rhetoric. You’re what’s wrong with this world.

  • George says:

    Will, the ancient Egyptians were not “primitive”, they had a good deal of engineering knowledge and experiments have shown ways that 1000+ workers could have done it, by reducing friction enough. It’s best that we go with real evidence and reason instead of just our own biased opinions.

  • Ray says:

    What did they use on their chariots if they had no wheels?

  • Bobby says:

    Egyptians didn’t build the pyramids. They were there long before the Egyptians got there.
    Whoever built them had a knowledge of technology, astromony, mathematics, that we don’t possess today. On the subject of how they were built , there is a story of a stone tablet found in Egypt some years ago about Alexander the Great’s time Egypt. His senior advisors came to him with a story of a small village near Cairo, where the people had magical powers. ALEX went there and found that these people fould raise boulders off the ground and move them around with ease. Ales worried that his army could defeated by dropping rocks, had the whole village killed.

  • Lyron Mogan says:

    Your people? You do realise that we are all descendents from each other?
    If you want to be like that, they are not your people as I am Egyptian so they are my people? I guarantee you are probably 10th generation African American and nowhere near as close as a descendant as I.

  • Terry says:

    You are absolutely right wé all are from the same family. Thé real truth is most peolpe dont want to admit it or come To terms with it.Because thier heart is not right with God and they are blinded by thier own self-rightiousness and Worldviews.

  • Robert B Wilson says:

    Maybe the whole gizah plateau was planned from the beginning. A structural map of what would be placed and built in that area .
    All the pyramids planned and built at the sane time but started by 1 king /pharaoh and the next pharaohs continuing the construction until completed..
    The purpose they where built for .who knows ??? How they where built was by human hands to a grand plan set by master masons and engineers which would have kept the work force well fed ,employed and rewarding in building monuments they probably didn’t even know what where being built for.?
    There maybe tombs allover the gizah plateau , inscribed with names of the workers and probably their families as well .why not ?
    Better next to a huge monument than buried out in the desert. List and forgot. With the chance jackals and foxes digging up your beloved ancestors and leaving their remains sprawled across the desert.

  • joel schlecht says:

    Does anyone remember a show the veratasium guy was in where he claimed he was an archeologist? I believe it was also about pyramids.

  • Timo says:

    Of course they used wheels. But their wheels were squeres.

  • David Riddell says:

    How did they cut the granite for the queens and the kings chambers they where cut granite not bashed out the grand gallery. Around the base of the pyramids you will find holes in stone that have been drilled or bored out how did they do that

  • Brendan says:

    Both skilled (for the time), even brilliant (and paid) engineers and artisans AND numerous slaves or serfs could be employed on the same massive project. These are not mutually contradictory. Witness the U. S. Capital and other magnificent US structures. I believe the same is true for tsarist Russia and many feudal and semi-feudal societies.

  • Michael Bush says:

    Please, modern Academia wants you to believe the crap they put out, just a o they don’t lose their funding. The truth of the building has been proven by another archeologist that has been silenced by Academia. The proof is in the molding forms that are still present in some parts of the area. The limestone was mixed and formed on the spot. The Archeologist in question even reproduced the event using exactly the same tools and forms to show how easy it was. Please, please stop with controlling of real history by means of a group that fears for their own funding.

  • Larry Wayne Billups says:

    The proof is what it is.

  • Donald Maley says:

    The builders were not white nor black.they used the rope and tackle ways to pull the stone up the ramp to place stones in place weither up or down into the pyramids

  • Maryjay says:

    Really bro? This has absolutely nothing to do with race. You know how to make racism go down to a low minimum? Quit talking about it and giving it attention. We are all brothers and sister’s and children of God and I’m so sick of people turning everything into a racial thing. I’m Italian and French mainly. The color of someone’s skin or where they are from has absolutely nothing to do with the pyramids. It seems you’re looking for trouble and that’s exactly what they want you to do. Don’t fall for it. The majority of the world isn’t racist but sadly those that are racist get more attention so we see it on tv and think racism is everywhere and the media purposely does this because many white liberals want you to think you’re suppressed and need their help and then when they get in office they leave the black community hanging and making you think you need the government because they think you’re too stupid to make decisions on your own and that’s what pisses me off. They all talk a good game but they dont care about any of us they just want power and want you to vote for them and you get government assistance and stay poor. Wake up and pay attention and I say all this with mad love. I’ve lived in the hood for 6 years in the early 2000s in Baltimore then in Charlotte and I saw exactly what was going on and it broke my heart. You wanna know why most planned parenthoods are in the hood? Because a white liberal racist named Margaret Sanger wants black women to abort their babies in hopes of killing off the black population. Don’t take my word for it read about it. When i lived in the projects i got a lotta love and made lifelong friends and some of the best people ive ever known live in the hood and i see right through what the government does to you guys and we need to stop separating one another based on our skin color and place of origin. The only thing that matters is what’s inside. You don’t need the government or the democrats to help you. You are free to be who you want to be and nobody can stop you and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Spread knowledge and love to everyone and be kind and stop looking at everything as a race thing because that’s exactly how the government wants you to think. Much love.

  • Maryjay says:


  • Maryjay says:

    I just have to say, only a racist person can look at the pyramids and make this about race. It’s sickening we can’t even have a conversation anymore without someone making into a racial argument. It’s aad really… Most of the world isn’t racist but those that are get the most attention and then people watch the news and feed into this false narrative that everything is racist. You know how we get rid of it? Stop giving it attention and stop separating yourselves from one another based on skin color and place of origin. We are all brothers and sisters. I was born in 85 and I didn’t grow up with racism.. We all hung out and had every race in our group and didn’t judge one another based on race,just their attitude and intentions is what mattered but now because of a handful of incidents by some pricks the democrats once again used the racial tension to their advantage and yet again many fall for it. Read up on history because a lot of people have no clue we have been here before and we know how it ends. They want us to fight and want everyone to think everyone that isn’t a Democrat is racist when that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The Republicans fought and won the civil war to free the slaves but yet democrats have turned evil and thats why i switched parties because it’s sickening what they do and how they still have the power to brainwash the black community. A lot more have woken up to their schemes and i love to see that. Stop giving racism attention and stop segregating yourself! We are all free to be what we to be but the way things are going this might not last long and then the government will control every aspect of our lives if people don’t wake up. I say all this with mad love but it just stresses me out how you can read this and look at this beautiful world wonder and automatically turn this into a racial thing. Just stop it! We’re all brothers and sister’s and just because of a few racists jerks got tons of attention and black lives matter made billions off the suffering of racial injustice and have done absolutely nothing to help the black community!!!! I could go on for days about this but you get the point… Hopefully. At least Trump’s crazy ass had good policies and built opportunity zones in inner cities and had the lowest number of black unemployment and had the highest amount of the black vote because people are waking up to what these liberals have turned into. You dont need the government to succeed and you’re not suppressed! You have the same opportunities as anyone you just have to work hard to get there like everyone else does! Stop falling for the governments bullshit and stop thinking everything is about race. Only a racist person would look at the pyramids and turn it into a black and white thing when neither race has anything to do with these. They ate good and were extremely smart. Nikola Tessa was looking at the pyramids and had come to the conclusion it was built as a power plant of some sort.. It has to do with energy and the stars as well. They are finding out our ancient ancestors were highly intelligent and we are now just catching up.. These days we are so self involved and worried about meaningless bs that we have dumbed ourselves down and it’s sad. Instead of learning from the past and learning that black people had slaves (just like kamala harris grandfather and Irish people were enslaved as well it wasnt just a white and black thing but anyway that’s the past and that’s how things were done but there’s nothing we can do about it now because the Republicans saved the slaves and yet here we are over 150 years later still talking about it! It’s so stupid. I blame teachers and todays democrats and the media but it’s up to each and everyone of us to stop this crap and stop giving into it! We’re all related in one way or another and this needs to end!!

  • Ruth says:

    Dude the ancient Egyptians were a homogeneous race, made up of dark & light skinned peoples.

  • Shawn says:

    The water towers were needed… They bild the towers with water… They floated the stones with boat like platforms.. They worked smart not hard… But it was still not easy work… The taped in the bottom to let the water flow to the people.. So they could be strong and have strong crops.. They used everything and did not waste anything… U need to feed the mind to be strong.. Now days they want us to eat fast food to be clueless and take tottle advantage by brain washing us to beleave everything u see on tv… I just wish they would be fare.. But every one with power wants to own the world.. I just had to tell my toughs… Thanks for letting me speak … Your brother from another mother Shawn M Maddox… I love this place I call home.. But junk food is junk..

  • Daren says:

    Many theories and thoughts exist about who built the pyramids. We know that Hebrews were around at the time of the building of the pyramids and that they were also slaves. So why couldn’t they along with “under class” Egyptians work alongside each other to build them?

  • Frances says:

    I love to learn about history

  • Frances says:

    I love to learn about history thank you for the information

  • Key Way says:

    It’s hard believe because of eurocentric education and racism. Black people did it! Running water, air conditioning, windows, pulleys, banks before europe thought about dark ages, astrology, calculus, literature, college and universities, architecture, libraries, soap, medicine…sorry to burst your bubble. Of course this is asinine too.

  • Cindy says:

    I totally agree!

  • Cindy says:

    The slaves were NOT BLACK!!! They were Hebrews…

  • Shawn says:

    The great Pyramid of Giza is the most perfect and scientific monument on the face of the earth! Not only is it a architectural and engineering marvel, it is a geographical one too! According to experts, the great pyramid of Giza is the most accurately aligned structure ever created by human beings. The builders would have needed to possess highly sophisticated knowledge of mathematics and geometry knowing the true dimensions of the earth to extreme precision. Then have possessed exceptionally advanced technical instrumentation to site the great pyramid which just happens to be located AT THE EXACT INTERSECTION OF THE LONGEST LINE OF LATITUDE AND LONGEST LINE OF LONGITUDE. It is also perfectly oriented to the four points of the compass still more accurate than the Paris observatory!

  • Brannon Richards says:

    Those are not staves they are holding in the heirogliphics they are tuning forks. They used harmonics to move the material used to construct them. It’s obviously not in the interest of science to reveal this but it is in fact true. Sound is your answer. What did Tesla say again? There is a reason that people dealing with harmonics and engineers are kept apart in every technology institution in the world. Crystal caverns in Florida is a great example. Monks do it daily. I’ve seen them move larger stones. BTW the Egyptions that most say”built them did not. They poached them. They were built way before those guys showed up and said” look what we did” it’s not true. Look at the water erosion. These were constructed before a great cataclysm. Tuning forks are your answer look it up now that you know that. It’s the truth.

  • Tim Harris says:

    Master Masons have know from the beginning that the pyramids weren’t built by slaves. Instead they were built by teams of Master Masons–as with the building of Solomon’s Temple.

    So this is not a major myth buster–just a change to the correct narrative. About Time!

  • Tim Harris says:

    One thing for sure Europeans didn’t have anything to do with it!

  • David says:

    Never ceases to amaze some people try to make this about race. get it right were all in this together however they were built they didn’t squabble about color or race ime sure they worked together and got it done. They obviously had more sense then. Race or Color! really??

  • Tom sawyer says:

    There are much larger stones at Baalbek Lebanon, or the way things have been carved out of stone at Petra Jordan, or the megalithic stone work in Peru South America which is located high up on a mountain. The Summerians had an accurate diagram of our solar system over 6000 years ago

  • Jeff says:

    Zahi Zawass is a hack. He is only in it for himself. Refused to let anyone explore the void under the Sphinx.
    Where did the math come from to build the pyramids? Better yet, where did it go? I wouldn’t be surprised if moving of the stones didn’t use a similar method as Edward Leedskalnin did to move the stones to build Coral Castle. Methods that certainly must be in the records that Hawass sealed from historians and archeologists. There was way more than human knowhow and technology involved in building the pyramids. Why is it that we cannot replicate today the methods that were used for building the pyramids? Were the books burned when Napolean raided the libraries in Egypt? Or, are they located in the Vatican library? A bigger question is, if the records do still exist, why are they kept under lock and key?
    A more important question than who built them is, why did they build them? These were not built solely as tombs for the pharaohs.

  • Tiffney Golff says:

    Pyramids were built by using a mold that was created so that all the bricks would be the same size They used wet red clay Making stairs gave them the ability to move up

  • Keld says:

    Your people had no knowledge of the wheel nor even build a house. Yet, you want to take credit for the pyramids, LOL LOL!

  • Ive says:

    First of all Egyptians did nit build piramida, second piramida was build list 10.000 – 15.000 years ago. That is opinion by previous civilizacijom. And thy was build before floating. We do not have knowledge of building technology that was usred to build piramida.

  • Ive says:

    Every one realy interested in pyramid need to read Books from dr. Semir Osmanagić, curently no 1 World wide expert in pyramids.

  • Jim Griffiths says:

    No one denies that the ancient Egyptians spent enormous time and effort working on the pyramids using whatever technology they had to repair and improve the pyramids. They even performed a wondrous job reshaping the head of the Sphinx.

    But it is absolutely clear that the original builders had a body of knowledge of spherical geometry, stone working, and astronomical awareness far,far ahead of their time. Just accept the fact that the wonderful Egyptian inherited and improved something that had been there for a very long time.

  • Ron says:

    My comment, what’s this to do with race ? Think about it ! What abt whites fighting during the civil war to end slavery ! Thk u, Ron d

  • Brian Vogel says:

    I agree with Jeffno coral castle in florida by Edward leedskalnin and he did it moving tons of coral with 3 poles of florida pine and a secret black box on top, and the man only weighed 100 lbs. He knew something a secret technology, something???:we will be find out if he can we can….

  • Jonalfred says:


  • Jonalfred says:

    The Great Pyramid (the oldest one) was never a tomb. Never intended to be. Caliph Al Mamoun cut his way into it in the 9th century.. no tomb, no coffin, no body, no treasure…no nothing… But an above ground passage system that is ventilated from the outside in two if its chambers. No hieroglyphics or paintings either. That it was not built by Egyptians has been known for nearly 200 years. You folks talking about 1990 are a little less enlightened than you think you are. Exploration, scientific exploration going on in the late 19th century.

  • Tim Henderson says:

    You not built to Bible

  • Randy Turpin says:

    The.pyramids are a monument to achievement by a people of common belief. Unified, all can be overcome.

  • TechZen52 says:

    Gray matter matters. Regardless of skin color, it was brains that built the pyramids.

  • Nightstar says:

    Giza was built by the Annunaki of Olmec. They work with electricity and levitate blocks using a wrist watch. They would literally lay in huge granite blocks and charge up. The Almighty is an Olmec; He had a son named Osiris with a reptilian. Osiris lived on mars but visited earth and taught the humans Set created agriculture & science before he was assassinated. The pyramids also supercharge the dwarf star at our planets core. My IG is @strandedfalcon I break it all down. Those blocks walked through the air!

  • Jerald C Price says:

    So to the ones earlier who said white people take claim for y’all’s pyramids…. Can you inform us how YOU did it ? Since you know it was done by black people please explain your theory other than we are black and better than everyone else and feel owed something by everyone !!!! I’m so sick of everyone claiming racism when really all you feel is racism and that’s what you promote….. Kinda hard to say racism is a bad thing when you say a black life matters and a white life doesn’t ……

  • Jerald C Price says:

    Great point Ron … Fact of the matter is people of all race and color have made mistakes over time….. The key is to learn from history forgive forget and move the hell on ! Not try to erase or rewrite history differently. Proven fact that if you don’t know history it WIll repeat itself as we see black supremacist now instead of white supremacists

  • Mike Elmezian says:

    Just know one thing, black people didn’t do it so they can’t claim it.

  • John Sutton says:

    Blue Lotus laced beer is excellent for daily energy. But honestly, a civilization that builds on top of a previous pre-deluge civilizations constructions in not advanced.

  • Joe Higgins says:

    There’s been a lot of incredible name since the pyramids were built Tesla Einstein none of them would be in comparison to somebody in their time that thought up the concept to build something of that magnitude and then went to work on it as if it was even feasible the thought of it is a little incomprehensible not to mention the cracking cut of the stone is one thing the moving is an entirely different story

  • Starman says:

    What if I were to tell you the Pyramids and Sphinx were there long before the Egyptians as well as places like Puma Puncu which is even more advanced than the great pyramids. What if I told you that upwards of 30 highly advanced civilizations have come and gone from the Earth in it’s 5 billion year history. Some of them reaching the same level of technology we have today and far beyond. What if I were to tell you this has all happened before and there is nothing new under the sun 😉

  • Gman says:

    I am leaning towards the idea that the sandstone blocks were actually created out of an ancient form of concrete and were moulded on site. There are some stones in the great pyramid’s lower chambers with wood and copper imbeaded in them which supports this theory.

  • Shane says:

    Your 1 ignorant human.

  • ChazAtl says:

    Although humans built the pyramids it was not built when they said it was. Namely for reasons that there is ancient inscriptions from Mesopotamia and sumarians that speak of the pyramids back as far as 6000 bc. Well before Khufu was even born.

    More than likely khufu worked on the pyramids or renovated them for lack of a better term. That is why his name is on it.

    I am not frustrated or dismissing of the above articles theory. What I get frustrated about is how mainstream historians take one instance of discovery as fact and close the book.
    That’s not how discoveries are made. You need to look at the most likely but then keep questioning and searching.
    It seems like they took one scientists opinion and a poorly drawn hyroglyph and called it a day. And that was over 100 years ago and we have made mountains of discovery since then. Most that have challenged khufu as the builder.
    For all the glory and honor of being the pharaoh who built the pyramids you know how much and how many stories were written about him? Zero. There is little to nothing about him.
    We need to keep questioning. Keep looking. There is more to this.

  • Graeme says:

    When addressing the subject of slaves maybe building the pyramids, so many people assume that it was the Hebrews.
    The Hebrews were puts to work making clay bricks, not shrugging stone. While it’s true that they were slaves, they definitely didn’t build the pyramids.
    The evidence points very strongly towards paid workers as described in the video. There is evidence of an ancient port having been excavated near the pyramids which would have received the stone.

  • Jermel Royster says:

    Afrikans built the Pyramids of Giza and all of Afrika’s Kingdoms. Kemet “black” Afrika. Simple.

  • jim Blue says:

    I have been to Egypt and seen the Valley of the Kings and the pyramids and was told by our Egyptian guides that the ancient Egyptians had found a way to harden copper like steel.

  • Robbie says:

    You can’t be Italian and French..

  • By li says:

    Look at the molecular magnetic orientation in a pyramid block in a natural stone they are all aligned in the same direction.however in poured concrete the orientations are random.plainly pyramid block molecular orientations are random.science has proven the block were not carved solid stone massive blocks laid into place.see for yourself

  • Masterblaster says:

    Enoch built the pyramids with the help the Netherlands

  • Taru says:

    You did not build the pyramids. A skilled workforce of ancient Egyptians built them. Even if you are a direct descendant of one of those skilled laborers (which of course, unless they decide to do DNA testing on the bodies of the workers, you will never know for certain) you cannot claim credit for building them.

    When a son takes credit for his father’s work, that son is a lazy liar. What is a person hundreds of generations removed, who is claiming credit, called?

    Your racism is a disgusting quality. If you have a problem with a group of people, be specific. Don’t throw everyone who happens to have the same hue of skin tone together in one, all-encompassing pile. That is a racist move no matter which race is being generalized. We are all members of the human race, whether you like it or not.

  • Joseph Baham says:

    Thank you for not being a one sided thinker. Duh there were slaves. Duh there were Jews (it’s literally historical record). Duh there were many many skilled workers. There’s so much duh around the pyramids its annoying and mind numbing. Perhaps that is because I also am Ozymandias. But not here for that just now. There’s talk of Atlanteans. While i definitely believe there were multiple cultures, why did the south american natives have white bearded gods and claim literally to have arrived by boat from Atlantis, I don’t think these are their work. People are confused bout what these things were and how they came to be. They’re literally a polymath showing off his Geometry skills, whether as guiding golden landmarks glinting on the horizon, or tombs, I’ll even feed the energy harnessing battery theory. Sure maybe. But they’re so easily understood in creation I don’t get the debate anymore. Atlantis is in the durr duh durrest of place too. AC Oddysey even had the exact shape of the island, prolly fell in during Pompeii. Like people get all tripped out on Stonehenge. Ridiculous. Like that’s so obviously a calender/star tracking assistant tool, they rolled each stone on logs and kept moving the back log to the front when it was free. Likely they cut the pyramid stones right there at the site and used the flooding Nile to transport the raw stone from up river. I mean allegedly. I wouldn’t know but it all seems quite simple and obvious in my measure. There are pyramids all over the place. Lets talk about the ancient perfectly architectural domes before the technology existed. Triangles are basic. Lets talk spheres. Or Helix even. Why is the cell in a human eyball (unexplained by evolution btw still no clue how eyeballs happened) is the same shape as galaxies? And I don’t wanna hear “give us one miracle and we got it from there”.

  • Jason M Breshears says:

    The Valley of the Kings and traditional Khemet, ancient Egypt, was 450 miles south of Giza. Upper Egypt has no pyramids. Only the Valley where rulers were interred and Thebes, Luxor, the cities of Egypt were located. Lower Egypt was almost always ruled by foreign powers- Elam, Mitanni, Hittites, Assyrians, Persians, Macedonians.

    Archaix.com shows Great Pyramid buiot using machines, geopolymers, by about 600 workers and that all other pyramids were attempts to replicate it and never attempted in Upper Egypt.

  • Eric W Moorhead says:

    Seriously has nobody here ever read The Emerald Tablets of Thoth ? If you really want to know the truth about not only ancient Egypt, but the rest of the world, start reading everything they try to hide from you. Every little mythology, every little band from the Bible, especially the Lost books of Enki, the Mahabharata, the enuma elish, the Dead Sea scrolls, and also research the fact that Zacharia stitchin was not the first to translate the Sumerian clay tablets there were about a half dozen or so before him that translated them and got pretty much the exact same translations. Start looking at geology, paleontology and then combine the two and look at this world on a grander scale than anyone has ever imagined, and you’ll start to understand that literally everything you’ve been taught is a lie. The truth is right in front of you, and it’s bigger than you could ever imagine !

  • Eric W Moorhead says:

    Oh, and I nearly forgot a short nearly forgotten book written by Robert Morningsky. It’s called the Terra papers. Is a short history of our solar system told through the eyes of a native American tribe that was told to them by the sky people. This one little book alone will open your world nearly as far as everything I mentioned in my previous comment.

  • Adam says:

    This is outrageous 😳 😤… as if they over look contraindications current evidence just to make these false claims…. this has a feel of propaganda to it. What government or educational institutions are over looking Randal Carlson and gram handcock….
    I like pbs.. but now I understand how it us used to influence this nation and its people… i am sore about this and will never give to pbs.

  • Robert Brenton says:

    your absolutely right. The Vatican knows and many secret society’s. The were poured.

  • Walter Ahola says:

    The government is still hiding the truth from we the people unless you have been there to see the pyramids it’s an accomplishment that cannot be done today. It is the past and as we should be looking forward. And nothing will change this…..??!!

  • richard c. rice says:

    I want to see some tools that cut granite so well. Copper tools are too soft. There should be something lying around. Or some engineering plans. They did not do this from memory. Calculations? Lifting tonnage may have been figured out, but there should be ample evidence on how they planned, mathmatics, sophisticated tools etc. They kept records very well. This was not done by memory.

  • richard c. rice says:

    All of a sudden 5000 BC Hunter and gathers figured out advanced mathmatics, engineering design,advanced moving of toonage,waited for soft, copper tools to be made to cut granite precisely. Hieroglyphics is just a progression of cave drawings. And they did not write anything down. They did this from memory.And Neferatiti is African you can tell from the sculpture founds. It all makes sense using deductive reasoning. Right? Those Smart hunter gathers must have bigger brains in their elongated skulls.

  • richard c. rice says:

    Get yourself a pure copper chisel and a big rock of red granite and chisel a smooth block with perfect flat side block with right angle corners. Let me how well that works. Such BS. Are you stupid?

  • richard c. rice says:

    Please explain the 200ft underground chamber surrounded by fresh clear water with a massive black granite coffin? How long ago to did this miracoulsous hunter gathers figure out how to find water 200ft down in desert , cut a path thru stone and deposit such a heavy finely cut coffin thru small tunnels? Copper of course! Obviously it was built long before the pyramid above. Theory???

  • Tino says:

    This is rubbish, especially the building cranes. The newest research discovert several plains under the pyramid with a small river at the lowest level. I suppose the stone have been transported by water in the pyramid. See the explanation videos here:


  • Tene Woods says:

    I agree!

  • Me says:

    The muslims enslaved you people, the names ya’ll took up for years

  • Special says:

    since when did you become middle eastern and you were not just black they were a mixture but the black had someone else showing up in how to do it cancel culture is not working

  • Kens says:

    Because it wasn’t regular humans like me and you. They had to have been abnormally huge …… just saying. (All my conspiracy theorists step forward , this our time to shine )

  • rob doak says:

    i have to agree that white people didn’t have anything to do with the building the pyramids. Its very obvious that they are too stupid…. You would think white fat stupid people would have difficulty tying their shoelaces ..The wooden drill bite cutting through gratie. Stay in school whities you might learn something

  • Mac says:

    I wonder why the Egytians never built the perfect pyramid, which when using the base dimensions would give the height of the Great Pyramid as 163 metres?

  • austris says:

    We must notice that if The Great Pyramid was built during 30 years,-
    that means that if they were working 24 hours daily, 7 days week and 365 days a year during 30 years- than every 6.9 minutes one stone block (2 to 50 tons) was made (carved), delivered and exactly placed! Every 7 minutes!

  • Paul Hai says:

    Search: Rampless Pyramid Construction – The Documented Ancient Construction Method of The Great Pyramid.

  • Pol Matthiasson says:

    Just wondering if the postulators of the theory this was all built by a cadre of skilled labors using copper tools and brute strength, have ever built anything, ever? Just the skill of cutting block, particularly given the preciseness of their fit, would take months per block with soft tools… and there are 2.3 million per pyramid. Don’t believe that time line? Try it. And then there’s the added chore of carting tens of thousands of many-ton blocks up and well over 100m in height. Not saying aliens, but there is a technology which is clearly missing from the equation.

  • David says:

    The heaviest stones in the Great Pyramid are estimated to weigh 80 tons. A single block of stone weighing 1,500 TONS was moved ENTIRELY by human hand in Russia in the 18th century, and by just 400 men. Read about it here:


  • David says:

    Hard evidence, please?

  • David says:


    The pyramids were constructed during the period of the Old Kingdom, 1,000 years before Egypt conquered part of the Near East to found the New Kingdom Empire. The Jewish (Hebrew) language and culture did not begin to emerge until about the 11th century BCE, and there is not a shred of hard evidence to show that the Exodus story is anything other than biblical myth. The closest approximation to it may be the historical fact that a Near Eastern people called the Hyksos ruled Egypt for a time after the collapse of the Middle Kingdom, and that they may have been forcibly expelled when the New Kingdom was founded in about 1560 BCE.

  • David says:

    A year is 365 days, therefore 30 years is 10,950 days.

    There are an estimated 2,500,000 blocks in the Great Pyramid.

    Divide 2,500,000 by 10,950 and the result is 228, i.e. 228 blocks had to go into place every day.

    Divide 228 blocks by 24 hours, that’s approximately 9.5 blocks an hour; but it’s unlikely that they would have worked through the night, so let’s say 12 hours, that’s 19 blocks an hour, hard work, but not impossible if you have a workforce of 20,000.

    Each block weighed an estimated 1250 kilograms, (2,500 lbs).

    If 100 men pull each block, then divide 1,250 by 100 – it’s the equivalent of each man pulling just 12.5 kilos, or 25 lbs.

    If they used just 5,000 of the estimated 20,000 work force, then they could move FIFTY blocks at a time, e.g. fifty groups of 100 pullers in a long train; in a 12-hour day, they could probably get more than 200 blocks into place, perhaps as many as 400 or even 500, if then used half the estimated workforce 10,000 people, then they could get even more stones into place.

    The heaviest stones, over the Queen’s and King’s chambers, probably required special operations, using a very large number of the workers to move each stone. Again, do the maths – 80 metric tons is 80,000 kilos, say for that operation they used 3,000 workers, then divide 80,000 by 3,000 and that’s the equivalent of each man pulling just 26 kilos. Increase it to 4,000 workers, just 20% of the workforce, and the weight is reduced to 20 kilos per man.

  • Bob the ratton says:

    Well obviously white people didn’t make it? They were Egyptians. Not black or white, Arab. You can’t claim any fact about who and what did it with skin colour talk.

  • donaldboyer8836@aol.com says:

    When they built those pyrmaids they used what they had the most of, SAND. All they did was souround the base of their project and roll the blocks of stone into place and set them down. Then pile up some more sand higher all around it and just keep rolling up the blocks of stone and set them into place. I don’t understand why it’s so confusing to figure out how it was done. THAT’S HOW THEY DID IT FOLKS. IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE……….

  • Joe says:

    Hi guys! Was a bit skeptic at first. But after aprox 250 hours on youtu.. Iv’e changed my knowledge.
    I can read, hear and see and dont have a God to follow. So now im convinced we been thought wrong.

    Dont belive make your own reacerch!

    Live long and prosper👍

  • Tracy says:

    It’s no way man could have built no pyramids I think Giants did everything is on point one false move in the whole pyramid throwed out of place no way they could have told it the big heavy rocks up that in the sky Giants built the pyramid God made Adam he was a giant
    I think all the bones they find and saying they dinosaurs they would actually giant peoples and they took other structures out to see from giant fish and that is saying they are dinosaurs the giant bones come from the Giants that existed here on this Earth many of years ago

  • Moore says:

    Yes, Black slaves built the pyramids as they built the USA they built the White House I find it laughable they make movies showing white pp in Africa with straight hair white skin in one of the hottest places on the earth. Africa, Black pp. Read your Bible God to Black Jesus Black and Black first on the earth ok

  • Preston says:

    Imotec is the builder of the pyramid. 2,100 years prior.

  • Powderskier01 says:

    It is highly probable the Egyptians used water as a weight for a funicular system to build the pyramids, as there was a lot of water around the pyramids at the time of the construction. Flat bottomed barges were used to ship the stone from a reasonable distance away, right up to the base of the pyramids. To use a system of pulleys and ropes to pull the 2.2tonne blocks up a slope would be very simple when a container of about 4-5m3 weighing 4-5 metric tonnes as a counterweight to the stone. It would have been far less effort to fill the containers each lift, than for hundreds of people to pull the stones via ropes and pulleys. Logs as tracks with plenty of rendered animals fat for grease or olive oil would have facilitated the slide. A water ballasted funicular wold have been well within the capabilities of the Egyptians even thousands of years ago. A simple, elegant solution to moving large heavy materials, even then !

  • Paul Hai says:

    Search “four lobe pinion pulley” … “The Documented Ancient Construction Method of The Great Pyramid” … “Rampless Pyramid Construction”

  • Paul Hai says:

    Georgem here is evidence … search “haitheory”
    Watch the video … Rampless Pyramid Construction – The Documented Ancient Construction Method of The Great Pyramid … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVG7mzJUZa4

  • Nemo San says:

    Exactly !
    It’s the only reasonable explanation.

  • Charlie says:

    Aren’t all lines of longitude the same length??

  • Paul Hai says:

    Search “haitheory” and study “The Documented Ancient Construction Method of The Great Pyramid”

  • Smokin Wet, N Goin Fed' says:

    Of course everyone’s arguing about race. Do you think the people who built the pyramids stopped to argue about race while they worked? This manufactured racial crisis perpetrated by the left wing media is really low hanging mental fruit for spoiled, emotionally immature, mindless idiots to waste time on. Fuck all you hoes.

  • Amah Jones says:

    The pyramids Kemet (Egypt) and Nubia (Sudan) were built by ancient black Africans as temples of their Sun worship. The pyramid-building culture was later exported to other parts of the world, including West Africa, Asia, Central-America, and South America. In Nigeria (West Africa), the British destroyed the Uto pyramids, which ancient Ibibio mystics of the Sun-Moon worship erected in honor of Uto, the earth, greenery, fertility, agricultural, beauty and planter goddess. The Ibibio mystics of Ibrit Am (Ibritam) a.k.a. Ibrit Aum, Ibrit Om, or Ivrit Am built the Uto pyramids.

    Uto is the Ibibio equivalent of ancient Egypt’s Hathor, Uto, Edjo or Wadjet. Uto is pronounced OOT-HOR, and girls born during the season of crop cultivation are often named Uto among the Ibibios.

  • Ben says:

    Have you been to Cairo? The place is a dump… falling to bits… no way did they build the pyramids… can’t even build a decent road structure.

  • Bartek says:

    No, those 3 pyramids are much older and they were definitely NOT build by Egipcians. This theory made by one man 100 years ago was obsolete from the beginning. The Egipcians might have built the 3 little ones and that is all their technology allowed them to.

  • Ben scott says:

    This was funny

  • Human being says:

    Omg bro enough!! How long you gonna beat that horse he dead already god damn man it’s 2023!! Not 1920 lol bro make a decision for the better of the rest of your life… u gonna be a victim or a survivor? Right now. Decide bro. White ppl weren’t the only ones that enslaved ppl. The Irish were enslaved the Chinese were enslaved the Japanese etc etc. its just the way it was bro. Someone had to do it! Do I like it? No! And think about this for a second. If your pops and grandpa and grand dad etc didn’t come over here as slaves… IF you a legit family tree of one. Then where would you be? In Africa? You’d prefer that? Lol. Cmon man. You got provided a better future from the sacrifices of your fam. IF you capitalize on that opportunity tho. I love how lil Wayne says don’t tell me that they keeping the black man down when I’m a black multimillionaire that made it out the 3rd ward magnolia projects. Lol . It’s all mind state. Trust me being white ain’t cool these days everyone wanna toss shade at us. Entitled this and that. We basically get hated on for absolutely nothing that we personally did. Ever. Anyways wish you the best bro take care 💯💯

  • Tyler Shapiro says:

    Yeah that’s why we’re in a sort of renaissance the same way they were in the dark ages then rediscovered classics we’re discovering that we’ve always been a space faring civilization that it’s not just a bunch of mumbo jumbo talked about in bible, Sumerian, greek mythology , native mythology

  • Emon says:

    Really? You’re asking this as a joke rite? Some oil to grease the slabs n make the stones that weighed from 6 to 10 tones each just for the lower levels oh yeah little bit of vegetable oil should do it hahaha. …haha I dunno maybe answer your own question slab some oil on a Ford f 350 lube it nice n good and parallel park it eeeee z lol idiot

  • Emon says:

    As ur waiting for ambulance to arrive in severe pain…you’ll have a nice clear answer that no ! Also want to say NOBODY knows anything to it’s fullest and 100% from anything that if it’s in the past unless you were there nobody! Just like death cannot know 1fuking hundred percent what happens when we die until it happens. Period.

  • Darrell says:

    The stones used to construct the pyramid are not the same size; the levels are not the same height ; the stones that make up the bulk of the structure are not perfect because they did not need to be perfect. The casing stones were cut perfectly and polished mirror smooth. It would take more effort to cast the stones and
    the casted material would have to cure before additional weight could be placed upon them delaying your building by years . You would have to move more material to cast the stones , remember you are using water to mix your material , the stones would decrease in weight and dimensions as the water is lost through the anhydrous process . That curing process could last for years based on the mass . I’m’ just putting this information in so it can be considered

  • Tyler says:

    I believe that the argument from personal incredulity is a logical fallacy. This is compounded with the fact we have rigorous scientific archeological surveys that brought a lot of evidence. We also have a plethora of modern recreations. Every single serious estimate provides reasonable time frame and logistical scale. It’s not as impossible or as difficult as so many seem to stubbornly assert.

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