Putin’s War on Ukraine Explained in 8 Minutes

A new explainer from Vox:

On February 24th, Russia launched a military invasion of Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin called it a “special military operation,” but the scale of the attack shows this is a full-scale war that has already caused more than 100 casualties and forced more than half a million Ukrainians to flee their homes.

Ukraine and Russia’s conflict goes back to 2014, when Russia invaded and annexed Crimea and Russian-backed separatist forces took over parts of southeastern Ukraine’s Donbas region. But to understand the full context behind the invasion, it’s important to go even farther back, to the time when Europe’s current-day divisions began, and see how that shaped Europe’s power balance today.

To understand the current conflict’s history in less than 10 minutes, watch the video above.

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Comments (3)
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  • Nate says:

    Only mentions one side of the story, so not explained.

  • Peter Anastasia says:

    The so called conflict did Not begin with the Russian invasion and annexation of Crimea where the Russians have a strategic naval base on the Black Sea and where the citizens are Russian leaning. This article conveniently or deliberately leaves out for perhaps anti Russian propaganda that the democratically elected pro Russian president of Ukraine had been violently overthrown by American CIA backed Ukrainian neo Nazi’s that eventually slaughtered 14,000 Russians living in the Donbas region of southern Ukraine from 2014 until today. Why are there so many American bioweapon research labs funded by the U.S. located in Ukraine? Why is the Ukraine an international hub for human sex trafficking? Would it have anything to do with the American puppet government of Zelensky and the neo-Nazi regime In power supported by American imperialistic interests to install WMD’s on Russia’s borders? Why is that OK but when the USSR tried to put missiles in Cuba in 1963 that was off the table and off limits? Double standards and sheer hypocrisy maybe? Let that sink in for a few minutes before listening to any more American corporate media and CIA sponsored propaganda and corporate mind control.

  • Rick Schroth says:

    WOW.. this is Russian propaganda at its best!
    The lesson learned is that if I want your home .. I move in with my family.. kick you out and then claim squatters rights. If you come back with the authorities .. well, my family and I will just hold a vote and say “Everyone in this house wants to stay and we should be in charge!’
    Authorities question this? I just say it was a crack house with prostitution before we got here .. no need to offer proof.. that’s what I say it is,, that’s what it is!!
    Yes .. it seems a very fine way to get a home.
    Next is the bigger home down the street .. my relatives need somewhere to live!!

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