Robert Reich’s UC Berkeley Course on Wealth & Poverty Is Free Online

Once the Secretary of Labor under the Clinton Administration, Robert Reich spent 17 years teaching at UC Berkeley. This past spring, he taught his final course there, and it’s now available online. Above, you can stream 14 lectures from “Wealth and Poverty,” a course “designed to provide students with a deeper understanding of both the organization of the political economy in the United States and of other advanced economies, and why the distribution of earnings, wealth, and opportunity have been diverging in the United States and in other nations.” Usually attended by 750 Berkeley undergraduates, the course is also “intended to provide insights into the political and public-policy debates that have arisen in light of this divergence, as well as possible means of reversing it.”

“Wealth and Poverty” will be added to our list of free Economics courses, a subset of our larger collection, 1,700 Free Online Courses from Top Universities.

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Comments (6)
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  • Ahmet says:

    This guy is a moron and OC has gotten too political for me. I miss the days of art and culture

  • Reuben C. says:

    Ditto. OC never met a statist/leftist/fascist it didn’t like…while calling anybody who actually opposes the proper definition of “fascist”…a fascist, of course.

  • Reuben C. says:

    Yep, that must be it: All who disagree with your slavish statism must live desperate lives in which they never encounter ideas that they don’t like. Yeah…yeah, that has to be it; easier than actually thinking, anyway. Unsurprising remark from Closed Culture, similar to “You want to kill Grandma” for non-face-bra-wearers, or “You HATE homosexuals” for those revolted at sodomy and coprophilia. Stalin and Mao would be proud.

  • John says:

    Strange how these people are getting triggered by the mere mention of a college econ course.

  • David says:

    Great course.

  • Healthy 2 Wealthy 4 Life says:

    Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor, and UC Berkeley professor, has made his final course, “Wealth and Poverty,” available online. This course delves into the political economy of the United States and other advanced economies, exploring the growing wealth gap and its implications. It’s a valuable resource for understanding and addressing these critical issues.

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