The War of the Worlds on Podcast: How H.G. Wells and Orson Welles Riveted A Nation

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Today, by popular demand, we’re running an updated version of one of our more popular posts to date. Enjoy…
At hastened speeds during the past year, we have seen book lovers recording homegrown audiobooks and posting them on sites like Librivox (see our collection of free audiobooks here).


The Digital Encyclopedia of Life

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In 2003, the Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson wrote a widely read essay that called for an “Encyclopedia of Life.” Summed up simply, Wilson had in mind “an online reference source and database” that catalogued “every one of the 1.


The Worst Sentence Awards

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Every year the folks at the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest celebrate their love for bad prose by running “a whimsical literary competition that challenges entrants to compose the opening sentence to the worst of all possible novels.” They’ve just announced this year’s champion sentences and they’re well worth a read.


The New Yorker Magazine Crosses the Digital Divide

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When you think of The New Yorker, you don’t generally think of a magazine with a substantial digital footprint. But, ever so gradually, under David Remnick’s editorial direction, this institution in American journalism and cultural commentary has launched a series of digital initiatives that complement the traditional print journal.


Ingmar Bergman Dies at 89

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Ingmar Bergman, one of the great filmmakers of the last century, has died at 89. You can read the full obit in the NY Times here, and catch a piece of his masterwork Persona below (or buy the film in full here). Film buffs may also want to check out Bergman’s autobiography, The Magic Lantern.


America’s Philosopher President

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What’s gone wrong with America’s democracy? It’s a question that Al Gore takes a hard look at in his recent (and well-reviewed) book, The Assault on Reason. Below, Gore gives you the gist of his argument in a half-hour video. It’s a bit heady.


Wolf Brother: Serial Literary Entertainment

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The Guardian Books Podcast has started offering an audiobook version of the young adult novel Wolf Brother as a serial podcast. The story is the first in a series of books by Michelle Paver called Chronicles of Ancient Darkness. It makes good audio since it’s gripping and not hard to follow (or get back into if you get distracted).


The Plot Against FDR: Stranger than Fiction

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In 2004, Philip Roth’s The Plot Against America imagined an alternative American history. The year is 1940, and Charles Lindbergh, an American hero and Nazi sympathizer, beats FDR in the presidential election and takes America down the path toward fascism, importing to the US the worst that Europe has to offer.


Straight Talk about Stem Cells: Another Stanford Course via Podcast

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Last week, we mentioned The Future of the Internet. This week it’s another course available as a free podcast : Straight Talk About Stem Cells (iTunes).


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