Talks from The New Yorker Festival Available as Video Podcasts

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In early October, The New Yorker magazine held its eighth annual festival in NYC. (Yikes! As I am typing I’m feeling my first earthquake here in California. Apparently 5.7 on Richter scale. Details here.) Anyway, the festival brings to the stage an impressive list of writers & artists (see the full schedule here).


100 Top Jazz CDs

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If you’re looking to build your jazz collection, this site offers some sound guidance. It features 100 top jazz CDs. Although inherently subjective, the list includes many indisputable classics that belong in any respectable jazz collection.


Reading Great Books with The New York Times (Starting with War & Peace)

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Earlier this month, The New York Times Book Review launched an online Reading Room that lets readers tackle great books with the help of “an all-star cast of panelists from various backgrounds—authors, reviewers, scholars and journalists.


Open Culture Turns One: The State of the Blog Address

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This sneaked up on us. Today marks the one year anniversary of our site. All in all, it’s been a decent maiden voyage.


Weekly Wrap – October 28

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At the end of another week, it’s time for another recap of the ground we covered:

Our Ancestral Mind in the Modern World: An Interview with Satoshi Kanazawa (Featured on Boing Boing)
Science for The Rest of Us: Podcasts At a Glance (by guest writer Elizabeth Green Musselman)
Better Thinking Through Podcasts
500 Years of Art in Morphing Action (Ex


Human Species May Split into Two: Life Imitates Art Again?

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Here’s a zinger to mull over: The BBC has posted an article about a theory advanced by Oliver Curry, an “evolutionary theorist” working out of The London School of Economics, who suggests that humanity may split into two sub-species about 100,000 years down the road.


Timely Talk About Fire

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It’s been an unspeakably bad week throughout much of fire-ravaged Southern California. As of Thursday, the toll looked liked this: 500,000 acres burned; 1,800 homes destroyed; 57 people injured and at least six killed.


Essential Books for the Critic’s Library

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The National Book Critics Circle has a blog and they’ve asked some of the country’s best literary critics to list the “five books a critic believes reviewers should have in their libraries.


Debating Religion The Dawkins Way

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When debating religion, you can take the low road (e.g., Ann Coulter’s recent flirtation with anti-semitism) or the high road.


More Swapping

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After we mentioned Book Mooch last week, one of our faithful readers alerted us to another site — PaperBackSwap is reportedly easier to use than Book Mooch, and the actual process of exchanging books runs more smoothly. Meanwhile, despite the site’s name, you can swap both paperback and hardback books there.


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