The New Psychology of Time

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The Time Paradox, a new book by Philip Zimbardo & John Boyd, puts forth an intriguing argument — our attitudes toward time, often unconscious ones, can strongly shape our personalities and the kind of lives we lead. They can contribute to our happiness and success, or our unhappiness and depression.


We Didn’t Start the Fire, or The World From 1949 to 1989

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If you could sync up a photo with every name and event mentioned in Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” you’d have a montage that offers a pretty good glimpse into the second half of the twentieth century. That’s what a University of Chicago grad student figured out when he put this viral video together. We’ve added it to our YouTube playlist.


Mozart’s Complete Works

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Just a quick heads up: is running a pretty good looking deal on a box set of Mozart’s complete works. The package includes 170 CDs of music. And it also comes with a cd-rom containing essays on his works, artist bio’s, text and libretti’s. User reviews suggest that the recording quality is quite high. The box set is being sold for $74.


Books Authors Want (and Plan to Give) for the Holidays

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Penguin asked its stable of writers what books they plan to give friends during the holidays, and what books they’d hope to receive. Here’s a quick sampling. And if you want to list your own gift ideas, feel free to add them to the comments below.


The Birth Of A Tornado

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It’s almost eerie to watch how a tornado takes shape. As you’ll see below, it starts with a wisp of nothing much and, within minutes, morphs into a terrible force. For more precise details on how tornadoes form, you can check out this dynamic presentation over at USA Today.


Top 10 Amazing Biology Videos

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This week, Wired has posted a piece — Top 10 Amazing Biology Videos — that has started swirling around the web. Here you’ll find some serious videos (for example, a clip below showing high speed gene sequencing in action) alongside some lighter videos that feature, um, shrimp running on a treadmill.


Next in Line for a Bailout? A Major Art Museum

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Almost exactly a year ago, I caught up with Jori Finkel, a journalist who covers the Los Angeles arts scene, and we talked about an art-world controversy that she first wrote about in The New York Times. The controversy focused on museums seeking funding from art galleries, which can be a direct conflict of interests, and her lead example was L.A.


Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash Together in 1969: Free MP3s

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Two American icons got together in Nashville in 1969 and recorded at least 22 tracks together, including some well known classics: Ring of Fire, I Walk The Line, Girl From the North Country, and You Are My Sunshine. You can listen in on the historic collaboration for free here.


Peter Schiff on the Economy and What’s Coming Next

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Last week, we featured a rather prescient video clip highlighting Peter Schiff and his warnings in 2006-07 that that our economy is in deep trouble. Since then, many have wondered where Schiff sees things going next.


The White Album Turns 40

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The Beatles’ White Album turned 40 last week. And that put the classic album back in the spotlight, leading critics to revisit the band’s most experimental and controversial work. Was it their masterpiece or biggest mess? (Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments below.


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