John Hodgman@Google

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He appears in the well-known Mac v. PC commercials, on The Daily Show and occasionally on This American Life. John Hodgman is kind of everywhere these days, and now, promoting his new book, More Information Than You Require, he hits the stage at Google and gives the crowd an offbeat hour talk.


Where Do You Go for Intelligent Video?

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Folks, it’s time for a new group project. Last year, I asked you to tell us about your Life-Changing Books, and we pulled together an excellent list that many readers have enjoyed. Now we want to know: where do you go for intelligent video? If you list the sites that you like best — TED, Fora.TV, YouTube EDU, SnagFilms, Academic Earth, etc.


Christopher Hitchens Gets Waterboarded

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If you’re wondering what the much-discussed waterboarding experience is all about, you can watch it in real time. Above, the public intellectual, Christopher Hitchens, goes through the real deal. Although often known for taking left-wing positions, Hitchens supported aggressive action in the Middle East and particularly the war in Iraq.


The Infinite Jest Summer Challenge

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When I develop the curriculum for Stanford’s Continuing Studies program, I often like to create courses around big, hard books that students have long intended to read, but have never quite pulled off: James Joyce’s Ulysess, Plato’s Republic, Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, you get the picture.


The Art of Trashing the Classics

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From the Freakonomics blog:
We’ve written before about the occasional hyper-critical comments on certain blogs, but such comments are like valentines compared to what some customers heap upon The Rolling Stones, The Godfather, The Diary of Anne Frank, and other standards.


Listen to 1800 Free Audio Books on Your iPhone

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The iPhone just got a bit smarter. Thanks to this new, free app, you can listen to 1800 free audio books on your Apple device. The app lets you listen to public domain audio books from the great Librivox (whose works, read by volunteers, also appear in our Free Audio Books collection). The ad-supported software is straightforward and easy to use.


Stanford and iTunes Offer 30 Free Songs

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From Stanford’s Facebook Page:
Thanks so much for becoming a Fan of Stanford University on Facebook! As a small token of our appreciation, we’ve teamed up with the iTunes team to bring you a special summer mix with 30 free songs. Download at (US residents only).


Technology Is Amazing, Nobody Is Happy…

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A good clip that comes from Alec Couros’s 80+ Videos for Tech & Media Literacy. It features comedian Louis C.K. offering his funny thoughts on how our generation handles new technology. We’ve added it to our YouTube Favorites.


Masterpieces of Western Art

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“Masterpieces of Western Art” has been a degree requirement at Columbia University since 1947. The long-established  course is not your traditional historical survey. Rather, it focuses on a select number of artists and monuments, with the larger goal of helping students think critically about art.


80+ Videos for Tech & Media Literacy

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Alec Couros, a professor of educational technology and media at the University of Regina, spends his days (among other things) helping new teachers become technologically and media literate. And he runs a well-established blog — Open Thinking — that helps teachers stay ahead of the technology curve.


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