Quentin Tarantino Lists His Favorite Films Since 1992

Yup, we mentioned Quentin Tarantino last week, and we’re doing it again this week because Rosario has unearthed this nice clip. In six snappy minutes, Tarantino (director of Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dog, Inglorious Basterds, etc) lists his favorites films made since 1992 — when he, himself, started making films. You’ll know some of these titles, but likely not others.

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  • http://sethharwood.com Seth Harwood

    What movie runs at the bottom while he’s talking?
    Kurt Russell? Rosaria Dawson?

  • Ricky

    The movie running is Tarantino’s Death Proof.
    Tarantino’s choices obviously are not the same as mine,but I was surprised when he said his favourite Brit Film is ‘Shaun of the Dead.’

  • anon

    agree w/ him on Dogville. Incredible film & Nicole Kidman at her best.

  • Don

    Theres some awesome movies there. I would love OpenCulture to provide links to as many of those movies as possible.

    Also, imagine how awesome it would be if Tarantino did a zombie movie?!?!

  • Timon

    @Don: he did actually a film about zombies, and he’s playing too.

  • Abubu Khan

    I really never understand his love for some Korean films. Sure, the Host is decent, Memories of Murder is good. But JSA is cheesy as hell.