Vladimir Horowitz Plays Mozart Back in the USSR

Vladimir Horowitz, one of the great pianists of the 20th century, left Russia to settle in the United States in 1939. But, once the Cold War thawed, he famously returned home and played before rapt audiences. What we have here, I believe, is Horowitz playing Mozart’s Sonata in C Major during a 1986 recital Moscow. A beautiful piece. For good measure, I’ve also added Horowitz playing Chopin’s 2nd Piano Sonata at the White House. Both clips have been added to our YouTube favorites, and you can find more free classical music here.

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  • http://www.mackenziewelsh.com Michael Welsh

    Wow! What a great video! Thank you for posting it.

  • Francine Darling

    What a delight. I had the pleasure of hearing him in person and meeting him when I was 12. I never forgot it.

  • http://fuguewriter.wordpress.com/ Michael R. Brown

    The great one, a few months after I (like Francine) met and heard him.