3 Year Old Recites Poem, “Litany,” by Billy Collins

Three year olds can wreak havoc on a home, and the precocious ones can recite poetry too. Here we have a toddler reciting Billy Collins’ poem “Litany” (find text here) and also some lines from Lord Alfred Tennyson (while dressed as Superman, of course). It’s good fun, right up there with actor Bill Murray reading Collins poetry at a construction site in New York City…

via Neatorama

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  • Annie

    This is the best!
    He is such a natural and so unselfconsciously apt. I looove this little tyke who utterly captivates me!

  • Nicolas

    Prime example of what poetry is not about.

  • river

    hes so adorable

  • Csanant

    What? Who is anyone to know or to say what poetry is “about”. Only a pretentious 20 something would utter such nonsense. It is language and life and this child is both!

  • Jessica

    That’s amazing!

    And Nicolas, below, is clearly an idiot.

  • Eric Howard

    Nicolas, you are an idiot. River and Annie and Jessica, right on!

  • Rajiakitty

    Just lovely. And what a lovely mum. xx