Star Wars Retold with Paper Animation

It’s hard not to enjoy this. Artist Eric Power retells the basic story of the Star Wars trilogy, using cut-paper animation. The film runs a very quick 2:40, and Jeremy Messersmith’s ‘Tatooine’ provides the soundtrack. (You can download the song here for whatever price you want.) More animated films by Power appear on his website:

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  • JC

    It’s animated, it just hit the web, and he went full force in marketing it. Does it make it really good ? I don’t think it does. I’t isn’t really a wow kind of video. I like this animated video better

    Someone should blog this persons video, it’s cool

  • Road

    I am sorry but I don’t like it. The music is looped / garage band software. In my opinion it is cheap looking and juvenile. Why is he trying to skate off the coat tails of star wars anyways? My advice to him: “Get a real band, dump the garage band software and hire a professional animator, use your own ideas not star wars fame, and get your voice – which is good out there with those concepts. Then, you’ll see results, and feel proud of your accomplishments.”