Reading While Driving, Seriously?

I gave up biking on the roads this summer for a good reason – too many knuckleheads texting, chatting, even reading, while driving. Reading a novel while driving? A complete aberration? Apparently not. Joining the genius above, we have the Portland, Oregon bus driver giving more thought to the Kindle than the road. And then this complete piece of work mindlessly moving from the traditional book, to the Kindle, then to the smartphone.

via Tech Crunch and Media Bistro

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  • Tanner

    Speed reading perhaps?!? Anyone?? :)

  • Alfred sanchez

    And yet no one has a problem with her using her smartphone video camera while driving? Why so much hatred at the book readers. Not like he was doing it in town where kids are running across the road. he’s out on a straight open road and he’s probably a better distracted driver than most people are regular drivers.

  • Anita Kemp

    People really need to try It is the best way to read books on the road without killing anyone.