Arduino Documentary: Open Source Hardware is Here

Open Source, it’s not just for software. It’s for hardware too. The new film, Arduino: The Documentary, revisits a project launched in the Italian town of Ivrea back in 2005. The challenge? To develop cheap, easy-to-use electronics components for design students. (You can get into the technical side of things here.) The message? summarizes it well: “we are about to see an explosion of hardware devices that come from bedroom tinkerers and student projects.” Note: A Spanish version of the film is available here, and they’re all released under a Creative Commons license.

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  • Fred Rinke

    I enjoy learning about Arduino from all souses.
    And being retired I hope to be spending a good part of my leisure time working to learn more about the use of the Arduino for my electronic projects.
    Thank You!

  • autocad kursu

    I’ve found that the best data subject, thank you

  • Felipe

    Es un gran proyecto, como son las perspectivas para llegar a américa latina?