Father and Daughter: An Oscar-Winning Animated Short Film

Dear Daniel B.,

Thank you for bringing the 2000 Michaël Dudok De Wit short, Father and Daughter, to our attention. We always appreciate reader suggestions.

We must take issue, however, with your warning: “Be advised, it will indeed break your heart.” At Open Culture we  approach the arts with a discerning, engaged and unsentimental eye — our heart does not break, it blogs.

It will therefore take much more than an 8-minute cartoon, no matter how artfully rendered, understated, critically lauded, or Dutch, to move us. Please keep this in mind for the future.

All best,

Open Culture.

P.S. OK, fine you win. This post was typed from the floor, drowning in the puddle we’d been reduced to by the 6 minute mark. And yes, bawling like babies.

P.P.S. Per your suggestion, we’ve added it to our collection of Free Online Movies. Thanks again.

Sheerly Avni is a San Francisco-based arts and culture writer. Her work has appeared in Salon, LA Weekly, Mother Jones, and many other publications. You can follow her on twitter at @sheerly.

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  • Brent Eades

    Lord that was lovely. Damn near killed me :) Thanks so much for sharing.

  • http://twitter.com/canadasue Suzanne

    Thank you for sharing.

  • http://twitter.com/canadasue Suzanne

    Thank you.

  • Jorge

    This clip made me remember one of my fav songs: Penelope. I think the song and this clip have the same theme: hope. In case anyone want to hear the song, search it by it’s name and the singer: Joan Manuel Serrat, an spanish singer. Diego Torres, also made a cover of this song and its video is cool…

    Have a nice day! Thanks 4 posting

  • Susiecrmchs

    Just loved this – the beautiful ending was unexpected! Animation was beautiful.

  • http://abhishektyagi87.blogspot.com Abhishek Tyagi

    This is one of the best short films i have come across, as to its music, the initial part of it is inspired(Not saying copied) from an Indian film, Mera Naam Joker(My name is clown) by Raj Kapoor.

  • ross

    So touching … thanks.
    Drusy, I luv you

  • Lisa

    This film is so beautiful, it moved me so much. It’s about a special melt of the story, the beauty and the (seamingly) simpleness of the drawings, the music and the repetition that makes it a wonderfully moving waltz of life. A thousand thanks for sharing!

  • Aygerim


  • Margaret

    I miss you Poppa. Rest in peace.

  • Monique

    Beautifully and artfully done. I would like to think that after a lifetime of mourning, we can look forward to this sort of reunion. God Bless.

  • Sehar

    How can you make me cry so..??

  • Rous

    beautifully expressed! thanks so much!

  • Cynjay

    I agree….that was pretty heart wrenching. I can relate.