Flux: Short Animation Inspired by İlhan Koman

Sit back and enjoy Candaş Şişman’s video dedicated to the influential Turkish sculptor, İlhan Koman (1923-1986). Rodin, Giacometti, Brancusi – they all informed Koman's work, and now filter back into Şişman’s video installation, which went on display at last year's Hulda Festival.

The festival, featuring Koman’s scientific sculptures, ran from March 2009 until November 2010, and traveled to Stockholm, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bordeaux, Lisbon, Barcelona, Naples, Malta, Thessalonica and finally Istanbul. You can find more of Şişman’s work on Vimeo here.

via @kirstinbutler

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Comments (4)
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  • Davidhadley47 says:

    Absolutely stunning

  • Slewis says:

    may i say an “on the one hand, but on the other” comment?

    on the one hand: wonderful. let us appreciate beauty where we find it.

    on the other hand, i am often put off by digital ones and zeros. let us look up in wonder at the stars …

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