The Physics of the Bike

Please give this video a second to get going.

We have all seen or experienced it. When traveling at the right speeds, bikes can practically steer themselves, remaining upright and defying the pull of gravity. Physicists thought they figured out this minor mystery long ago. But a new paper (read the PDF here) by Andy Ruina (Cornell University) and Jim Papadopoulos (University of Wisconsin – Stout) challenges the conventional wisdom. This video, which comes to us courtesy of Science Friday, explains…

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  • miami bikram

    who else loves cycling. .i love it..its my only means of relaxiation and just riding around miami is just the best thing ever.

  • Qin

    should mention why some people can drive the bicycle without holding the handlebars.

  • NedClive

    Is it a Bob Jackson frame??
    I have its almost identical counterpart which I use for commuting and centuries!

  • flez1966

    so, that answers nothing…..

    they say they proved its not the trail of the wheel being set back or gyroscopic, so what is it….