Peter Sellers Performs The Beatles “A Hard Day’s Night” in Shakespearean Voice

Back in 1964, Peter Sellers (aka Chief Inspector Clouseau in The Pink Panther films) made a cameo appearance on “The Music of Lennon and McCartney,” a television program produced at the height of Beatlemania. The schtick? To read the lyrics of A Hard Day’s Night in a way that comically recalls Laurence Olivier’s 1955 performance of the opening soliloquy from Richard III. It starts famously “Now is the winter of our discontent …” (See full text here.)

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  • Frank May

    I believe it was Steve Allen that first started reading rock song lyrics in this style back in the 1950′s.

  • Mike

    Allen’s reading of the lyrics to The Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” is a classic.  But I think this piece by Sellers is the best.

  • Malcolm

    Peter Sellers was the genius of voice…..