Hiroshima After the Atomic Bomb in 360 Degrees

In early August 1945, the world officially entered the atomic age when the United States dropped two devastating bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing 200,000 people. The destruction is hard to put to words. But when words fail, images begin to fill the void.

Last week, 360Cities gave viewers one very stark reminder of what happened 66 years ago when the site posted a panoramic view of Hiroshima. When you click here, you can look north, south, east and west at the widespread destruction. Nothing was left untouched. This panorama is the byproduct of several images taken by different photographers — three from the United States and one from Japan. The 360Cities blog tells you more about the project here. H/T Gizmodo

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  • http://www.porumasideiasamais.blogspot.com Admario Lucas Ribeiro

    Yeah, here words fail…and the image shows a sin we, so called humans, cannot fail to remember having commited…