Terry Gilliam (Monty Python) Shows You How to Make Your Own Cutout Animation

Put aside 14 minutes and Terry Gilliam, the legendary Monty Python animator, will show you how to make your own cutout animations. Gilliam started out his career as an animator, then moved to England and joined up with Monty Python's Flying Circus. For years, he worked as the group's animator, creating the opening credits and distinctive buffers that linked together the offbeat comedy sketches.

If you've never taken a good look at his work, you will want to spend some time with The Miracle of Flight from 1974, or this animated sequence, Story Time, from 1968. (Both appear in the "Animation" section of our big collection of Free Movies Online. Be sure to scroll down the page.)

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  • Grant Hughes says:

    Terry Gilliam is one of a kind. No one has ever been on the same page as the man.

  • Ana says:

    The joy of the man with his cutouts is sheer inspiration. :)) Amazing Terry Gilliam, such a wonderful artist.

  • Jay Schwartz says:

    This dadaist approves. Genius is as genius does …

  • Deon Houghton says:

    One of the most underrated geniuses of the PYTHON group. I love his work. All of it! The animation the directing and his stand in characters such as Patsy in the Holy Grail. He has one of my dream jobs! It’s one of the miracles of the internet that we can feel as if we are actually sitting in a room with him watching him work. Man would i love spending a week working with him! I bet it’s a blast! When you weren’t laughing too hard to get some actual work in that is. I wonder what type of camera he liked best and/or has he switched to digital now and how that is done. Thanks for the lesson Terry!

  • Utkal Mohanty says:

    Wonderful. Wish I had seen this clip when I was a child ( if that was possible.)

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