Beware of the Big Brinicle of Death

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The Brinicle of Death. It has never been captured on film … until now. And it’s all on display courtesy of the BBC series Frozen Planet.
In a nutshell, a brinicle forms when cold, dense brine comes into contact with warmer water.


The World’s Highest Artificial Tornado

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The Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany, is a remarkable structure. Designed by Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos of the Dutch firm UN Studio, the building received rave reviews when it opened in May of 2006.


To Infinity and Beyond: A Mind-Bending Documentary from the BBC

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Infinity. It’s a puzzling concept. Is it real, or a mathematical fiction?
Aristotle believed infinity could only be potential, never actual. To speak of an actual infinity, he argued, is to fall into logical contradiction: “The infinite turns out to be the contrary of what it is said to be,” Aristotle wrote in the Physics.


A Day in Venezia

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3,000,000 tourists move through Venice each year. The flood starts during the spring and peaks in summer, then recedes during the cooler months, giving the local residents a little peace. True, the city, made up of 124 islands, 183 canals and 438 bridges, is radiant during the summer. (Just watch below.


Stanford Launching 14 Free Online Courses in January/February: Enroll Today

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Two weeks ago, we mentioned that Stanford will be rolling out seven new courses in its experiment with online learning. Fast forward to today, and yet another seven courses have been added to the winter lineup, bringing the total to 14.
Immediately below, you’ll find the latest additions.


Address is Approximate: A Lovely Animated Film Made with Google Maps

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Next up: a lovely film about a lonely desk toy that longs for adventure. Observing the space around him, a robot finds a toy car and heads off on a road trip across the United States, guided only by Google Maps Street View. We start on the Brooklyn Bridge and finish on the Pacific Coast Highway in California.


Free Films by Andrei Tarkovsky, Sergei Eisenstein & Other Russian Greats

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During the past two years, the films of Andrei Tarkovsky have quietly come online, giving viewers the chance to encounter the Soviet director’s great body of work.


Dave Grohl Rocks the White House, Plays Band on the Run

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Random thoughts: Has the White House (save last summer’s earthquake) ever been rocked this hard? And has a rock ‘n roll crowd ever been this restrained? Let’s face it, the rebelliousness of rock and the formality of high government make for a funny fit.


Terry Gilliam Explains The Difference Between Kubrick (Great Filmmaker) and Spielberg (Less So)

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Terry Gilliam has never tried to hide his feelings about Hollywood. “It’s an abominable place,” he told The New York Times in 2005. “If there was an Old Testamental God, he would do his job and wipe the place out. The only bad thing is that some really good restaurants would go up as well.


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