David Lynch in Four Movements: A Video Tribute

Last year, Richard Vezina created a popular video tribute to Stanley Kubrick (A Stanley Kubrick Odyssey). Now he returns with David Lynch in Four Movements. Accompanied by musical pieces from Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch, each movement revolves around a distinctive theme or visual trend in Lynch’s works. Here’s how the 20 minute video unfolds:

  • First Movement: Melancholy and Sadness – Questions In A World Of Blue
  • Second Movement: Action, Violence, and Sex – The Pink Room
  • Third Movement: Dreams and Nightmares – Into The Night
  • Fourth Movement: Love and Hope – Mysteries of Love

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  • Sally Parker

    Amazing work!

  • guest

    Thank you Richard!!!

    That was BEST EVER Tribute I’ve ever seen!!!

    Really Well done and EXTREMELY OUTSTANDING stuff.

  • http://regev.wordpress.com Regev Porat

    Unbelievable. Truly, unbelievable.