Everything You Wanted to Know About Coffee in Three Minutes

Coffee — it’s the fuel of the modern world and certainly this site. And, if you believe this video (apparently not made by Starbucks or the American coffee lobby), it’s the greatest, safest addiction around. Take it all with a grain of salt … while you drink your morning (or afternoon) cup of joe.

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  • Joe

    That is going to be my new excuse for my coffee habit – I’m making sure my blood is an insect-repellant.

  • http://pengas.com nir

    loving the 9gag meme appearance in this video.

    great post!


  • http://www.brainonholiday.com Steve

    Nice video on rejuvenating java. For some other enjoyable coffee culture take a look at coffee’s dark history of dissent or why coffee takes like freedom.

  • http://www.ediblecreativity.com susan frissora @thefoodmaven

    but, WHY is mandy patinkin the grim reaper??? haha

  • Vera

    this is crap. coffee induces the body to release cortisol, a stress hormone which has been directly linked to increased appetite and weight gain in numerous scientifically conducted medical studies. So enough of the coffee hype already!

  • http://www.kealashawaiiancoffee.com Kealas

    Great Post!
    I’d also like to add that the Hawaiian coffees are the best coffees from around the world.

  • Helene

    Interesting but…you speak too fast !

    Helene, québécoise
    Montreal, Quebec

  • CoolPolarBear

    Mandy Patinkin played one of the reapers in a short lived yet great series Dead Like Me. :0)

  • Liz

    Interesting how high coffee consumption is in N Europe. I alwayss felt Henning Mankell must be exaggerating Kurt Wallander’s coffee intake. Maybe not…

  • Buz Friedrich

    “Everything you wanted to know about coffee in three minutes. In a 4min. 21sec. video.

  • http://openculture.com Joan

    What a great little video for those who love their coffee enough to find everything about it, interesting.

  • dhabha

    and it forgot one of the abiding truths about this little cuppa, though mentioning the coffee belt?
    The sad and despairing fact of the coffee paradox – where it is the most traded commodity and the street-price of a latte barely trickles back to the plantation. That the consolidation in the coffee supply chain (read Starbucks, Nestle, etc.) and the perverse trade rules, have kept the coffee growing nations in abject poverty.

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  • Arjuna

    Great video…Very straightforward… Have you guys heard of organo gold?? its apparently extremely good for you and healthy.. http://mycapturepage.com/cp23.php?id=470

  • Eugene

    “Coffee?” – On the motives the coffee essay Andrew Sen-Senkov “23 sips” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xviZxRLB0NY