Here Comes The Sun: The Lost Guitar Solo by George Harrison

Here Comes the Sun — it’s one of George Harrison’s contributions to Abbey Road (1969). And, among the many great Beatles’ songs, it’s my sentimental favorite. While we’re feeling sentimental, let me bring you this — Dhani Harrison, the son of the late guitarist, returns to the recording studio (presumably at Abbey Road) with George Martin, the Beatles’ legendary producer, and Martin’s son Giles. Together, they play with the mix of “Here Comes the Sun,” and then the wondrous little moment of discovery happens. They stumble upon the long lost guitar solo that never made the final cut. Enjoy….


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  • Vikram Gulati

    This is just excellent and recommended by none other than Salman Rushdie!

  • 〇rlandο Gοdhand〇 (@Kodanshi)

    That’s where I came across this link as well. Magnificent.

  • Ritu

    Wonderful!! Thanks Salman Rushdie for recommending !

  • jazz from malabona

    What a great document, it’s so inspiring! Thanks!

  • Domenic Izzi

    Awesome!! how cool is that??!!

  • Chris

    Where is this clip taken from? Interesting tones in the solo!

  • madeleine


  • ZolarKingOfMoney

    Great! But I have s feeling Salaman’s reccomendation of this might just earn him a SECOND death fatwa. Sooo decadent!

  • Mike

    This probably makes me the bad guy but the solo’s kinda ambling and noodly. i’m not surprised they didn’t use it.

  • Artxuleta
  • Roushanzamir_ad

    Sony ATV pub & emi attempts to prevent free sharing of art, culture & expression will hopefully be curtailed asap In the meantime, I’m glad I saw this beautiful video before it was blocked.

  • William Kaiser

    Salman Rushdie gave me a good recommendation for curry takeaway. He told me me to keep it a secret though.

  • nathalie

    i don’t know how dhani, or even george for that matter, don’t instantly burst out in tears. maybe they are used to hearing voices from the past. i’m not. i just collapsed. and true, the guitar solo is not worth keeping, but still. what a great emotional moment.

  • Ian Thompson

    Have you heard that Salman has written a new book? It’s called “The Buddha’s a big, fat bastard!”

  • RodSerlingsGhost

    Not a very good lead. It should stay lost.