An Animated History Of Aviation: From da Vinci’s Sketches to Apollo 11

It starts with Leonardo da Vinci’s famous sketches of flying machines, then moves to the first hot air balloon launched by the Montgolfier brothers in 1783, the gliders created by Sir George Cayley (1804), and the Wright brothers’ first flight at Kitty Hawk in 1903. These great moments and others all get covered in this Animated History of Aviation, an elegant little film produced by Utah Valley University, a college with a large aviation program of its own. We’ll add it to our collection of Great Science Videos.

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  • Thiago G. Machado

    Where is Santos Dummont and the 14 Bis Plane?

  • Cristina Milos

    I love the animation but I can’t help wondering why Traian Vuia’s first documented take-off is not mentioned (1906),nor the many contributions of the Romanian inventors to the aviation industry.

  • Nitin

    Loved this video! And you guys are the best! Thanks a helluva lot! :)

  • Ricardo Santana

    I like the animation. What a great one! But they didn’t mention tha brazilian Santos Dummont…

  • Mark

    Nor Count von Zeppelin’s LZ1, which predated the Wright Brothers.