Disneyland 1957: A Little Stroll Down Memory Lane

It’s more than a theme park. It’s an iconic American institution, a symbol of an imagined Golden Age in American history, and a site of many good childhood memories. We’re talking about Disneyland. Construction began in July 1954 in rural Anaheim, California, and the park opened but a year later in July 1955. And, thanks to this newly-cleaned up piece of footage, you can see Walt’s “magical park” just a short two years later. The babies in the strollers are likely grandparents today. But the park still looks much the same. Disney History Institute offers more commentary on the clip here.

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  • KEDS

    I was struck by how nobody in the film was smiling… At Disneyland…..

  • http://www.picturethisgraphics.com Randy C. Horne

    That’s because they were stunned to have paid around $3.95 for each family member to get in…