Werner Herzog Has a Beef With Chickens

It’s part of the beauty of Werner Herzog. His films engross us, and the director provides the entertainment on the side. You have seen him take a bullet during an interview in LA. You’ve heard him read “Go the F**k to Sleep” in New York City. And, of course, you’ve watched him eat his shoe (literally!) after loosing a bet to fellow filmmaker Errol Morris. Well, today we give you the latest, greatest Herzog moment — his 40 second discourse on why he has a beef with chickens. h/t Coudal.com

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  • http://stickycomics.com christiann

    I want to see that lion on the side table close up. And I want one.

  • Ann Raven

    Very funny but actually, chickens are fit for their evolutionary roles and are smart for what they needed to know. Avoidance of factory farms has not been dealt with in their brains yet. On the other hand, they are very affectionate pets.

  • R

    Losing not loosing