Mr. Deity Greets Christopher Hitchens at the Gates of Heaven

Christopher Hitchens left us seven months ago. Maybe, just maybe, that’s enough time for the lighthearted humor to begin. Enter Mr. Deity, the satirical video series that looks at the mundane struggles of our Creator. In the newly-released seventh episode of Season 5, Mr. Deity bumbles his way through the latest dilemma — how to welcome Hitchens to the heavens. Hitch remains, it turns out, as scrappy and argumentative in death as in life. And, of course, there’s something funny/ironic about a hardened atheist making a ruckus in the afterlife. But perhaps you didn’t need me to point that out….

If you’re not acquainted with Mr. Deity, you can start with the earliest episodes here.

via Richard Dawkins

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  • Bloom Radio

    Best part is the number Mary calls God from? 867-5309. Anyone listening to the radio in the 80s will remember that one.