Professor Ronald Mallett Wants to Build a Time Machine in this Century … and He’s Not Kidding

Time travel. Since Einstein formulated his special theory of relativity, we have known that it is theoretically possible, even if popular notions of time travel have deteriorated slightly from the august H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine to… well, Hot Tub Time Machine. Which is to say that few people—lay or professional—take the concept very seriously anymore. But University of Connecticut Professor Dr. Ronald Mallett still believes, and he has sought to realize his dream of making time travel possible in this century by infiltrating the scientific profession, becoming a respected theoretical physicist, then braving the ridicule and opprobrium, or at least disagreement, of his colleagues to begin work on a time machine.

In the video above, Dr. Mallett describes his experience of “risking professional suicide,” and physical pain, to work out his ideas. Since coming out, so to speak, as a proponent of time travel, Mallett published a memoir in 2006, Time Traveler: A Scientist’s Personal Mission to Make Time Travel a Reality. It’s both a description of his fifty years of scientific work toward his project Space-time Twisting by Light (STL) and a moving personal narrative of growing up under segregation, losing his father at a young age, and becoming one of the first African American theoretical physicists. Spike Lee has acquired the film rights to his memoir (though the project seems to be stalled), and Mallett has told his story on This American Life, CNN, and in speaking tours around the country. Whether Mallett’s enthusiasm will translate into reality remains to be seen, but his passion for Einstein’s predictions is infectious and illuminating.

The video comes from a new series from THNKR called EPIPHANY, a “daily series inviting impassioned thought leaders across all disciplines to reveal the innovative, the improbable, and the unexpected of their worlds.” Each week is devoted to a new “thought leader.” Visit the EPIPHANY channel to view the rest of Dr. Mallett’s “revelations.”

Another online source for information, the Cassiopeia Project, claims to “make science simple.” In the video below, learn the basics of time travel and special relativity.

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  • vision

    he’s mental case

  • D

    Maybe the answer is not moving through space…. Maybe the answer to move back on time is fiscally impossible…. maybe what we can do is jump to another dimension to travel trough time but it will be impossible to travel in your own space time….

  • bidbox

    I love this guy.

  • David Gap

    Ronald Mallett now needs $300,000 and 10 more years to get his machine built to even test the idea. Marshall Barnes is now in first place with his Verdrehung Fan(TM) and is demonstrating it in schools and on the lecture circuit. Watch for announcements about this. It’s already warping space the way Mallett wants to, it just has to get enough power to warp time as well. Check out the web site for the ongoing story .

  • Mohamed

    I want to donate please

  • Matthew mallett

    Send a message in a Satalite ,rush it through space at light speed & programe it to come back to earth in 5years time ,and the Satalites future time on Arrival back to earth will be 500 years from now!, Messages from our past might change our future in order to change our short future we have now!?.

  • Matthew mallett

    Anything on earth with the gravity we have and our pressures wont change anything ,but space time in space using satelites and remote programming will allow a message to travel at light speed !, ,and to return.

  • stefan

    Alien exist they talk to me every day only if you in contact througt there radars you can time travel

  • Corbin

    Look at all the important things invented, most people thought they were crazy ideas and would never work for example the light bulb. We’re only early in technology by using electricity there is so much more to come from it!

  • Arindam Dasgupta

    Sir, iwant to be a volintier for your research project. My mother died due to doctor’s wrong decision; on 16-june-2013.
    I shall do what ever you say all i need is to go back to the year 2006; Location: INDIA to save my mother

  • Tabish

    Best of Luck for Real Working Time Machine. GPS System is one of the major invention of humans and I hope time machine will be major breakthrouh invention for humans.

  • premiunhack

    What about paradox interspace thingy if you realy built this time machine you beter travel to year 2099

  • premiunhack

    is it posibble to talk to our self from the past? I mean time machine might have been a Goverment secret project

  • MA

    I would like to participate. i would like to go back to 198? Maybe i can change my view of life, be more positive, happier. Get away from certain family members that are negative. Change a few events that gave me depression,insomnia, anorexia, self hate, and anxiety. Break the cycle. Hopefully its not genetic. I’m good for the MOST part Now but things linger or triggers. I should be happier and i am successful. I think its genetic but it would be a good test.Comes from both sides of the family, so maybe removing me from the environment i would change some points of views of current my life.

  • Kwamla

    This is impressive, creative and original. We all know it can’t be easy as a Black Physics Professor to come up with and propose such theories for acceptance in an all predominately white male dominated science arena…