Watch a New Music Video Shot Entirely Within an MRI Machine

It’s not as poignant as The Love Competition, a short film that used an MRI machine to visualize the human brain in love. Nor is it quite as tantalizing as another clip documenting brain activity when people experience the highs of sexual intercourse and divine revelation. We’ll give you that. But, perhaps you’ll find it fascinating to watch British singer Sivu perform his song “Better Than He” through the prism of magnetic resonance imaging. Or, if you’ve ever spent time enveloped in an MRI machine, you’ll say the operative word is “anxiety-producing.” If the reports are true, Sivu spent three hours recording the three-minute song. Just imagine the amount of Ativan and commitment that got him through…

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  • ross bacon says:

    you should make the artist and the song more apparent, like in the first line of the article perhaps? if ur gonna use other people’s stuff you should publicize it better, in my opinion.

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