Fake Bob Dylan Sings Real Dr. Seuss

Five years ago, a 30-something music producer from Houston, Texas got a big idea. Why not take his two favorite things — Bob Dylan and Dr. Seuss, of course — and mash them up into one original creation. Hence came Dylan Hears a Who, a mock album that took seven Dr. Seuss classics and put them to the melodies and imitated voice of Mr. Dylan. The cuts went viral, giving Dylan-Seuss fans worldwide the chance to enjoy creative takes on Green Eggs and Ham (above); The Cat in the Hat; Oh, The Thinks You Can Think! (below); Too Many Daves; and The Zax. Soon enough, the songs faded into YouTube oblivion, awaiting the day when a digital archaeologist would come along and do an excavation. Well, today’s the day. Enjoy!

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  • http://robotparadeblog.com Huhuh

    I don’t think hey exactly “faded from oblivion.” Im pretty sure Geisel’s estate forced him to take them down. I’m glad but surprised he found a way to get them back online! Thanks of posting them here.

  • http://robotparadeblog.com Huhuh

    Or it may have been Dylan’s estate – I can’t remember which. But I think it was Geisel’s.

  • Arianna W.

    I cannot stand Dr. Suess. Yuck.

  • thnidu

    Better grab these now, then.

  • divadownunder

    Wow Arianna… you took all the trouble to post your irrelevant comment on a post that clearly flagged it involved Dr Seuss. I cannot stand trolls… yuck.