The History of Music Told in Seven Rapidly Illustrated Minutes

Your senses do deceive you, my friends. This is not the latest, greatest video from RSA Animate. No, this video comes to us via Pablo Morales de los Rios, a Spanish artist, who has artistically narrated the history of music -- or the Historia de la Música -- in a shade less than seven minutes. 6:59, to be precise. You don't need much Spanish under your belt to realize that the story starts 50,000 years ago, then moves quickly from the Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, to the troubadours of the Middle Ages. The video gives disproportionate attention to classical music during the following periods -- Renacimiento, Barroco, Classicismo and Romanticismo. But before wrapping up, we tack over to America and witness the birth of jazz and the blues, before heading back across the pond for the Invasión británica. Artistically speaking, it all culminates in a pretty interesting way. But we'll let you see how things play out.

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