The History of Music Told in Seven Rapidly Illustrated Minutes

Your senses do deceive you, my friends. This is not the latest, greatest video from RSA Animate. No, this video comes to us via Pablo Morales de los Rios, a Spanish artist, who has artistically narrated the history of music — or the Historia de la Música – in a shade less than seven minutes. 6:59, to be precise. You don’t need much Spanish under your belt to realize that the story starts 50,000 years ago, then moves quickly from the Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, to the troubadours of the Middle Ages. The video gives disproportionate attention to classical music during the following periods – Renacimiento, Barroco, Classicismo and Romanticismo. But before wrapping up, we tack over to America and witness the birth of jazz and the blues, before heading back across the pond for the Invasión británica. Artistically speaking, it all culminates in a pretty interesting way. But we’ll let you see how things play out.

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  • Andres Roemer

    I love it! Pablo pls keep in touch and check:

  • chandra

    ‘the history of western music’ would be a more fitting title.

  • Some guy

    Cute, but cliched. I didn’t learn anything, but the drawings were kind of cool.

  • JL

    I refuse to believe The Prodigy is the end point of modern music …

  • Vicky Paige

    I agree – “The History of Western Music” is a more appropriate title, but even then, when I show this to my Cuban ex-husband (who is a musician), I know he will mention at least one or two Latin Americans he thinks should be included.

  • Jim Lacey

    God fun! This much Spanish anyone who knows something about music can read.

  • Erik

    Now, one can appreciate the endeavor and the drawings, but seriously, naming this piece “The history of music”?

    If anything, “The fragmented history of mainstream western music”

  • SS

    Awesome, but incomplete. African and Afro-Caribbean styles are all missing – they had a huge influence on the “Nuevas Formas”. Rap/Hip-Hop is missing altogether. Also, the guitar and other stringed instruments came from Asia.

  • CBrianM

    Foi o melhor vídeo que vi em toda minha vida.
    A coisa criativa e artística que mais me chama atenção, ilustração e MÚSICA.
    Foi até agora um estilo de arte SUPREMA.

  • rose

    wow,that’s brilliant!

  • Alex

    Interesting but incomplete ; Wagner was and will be forever the TITAN of music like MOZART and others !

  • Fatih

    Title fails, appreciate the effort, though.



  • joseph

    pretty cool, but left our hip hop and many eastern styles

  • Dave

    Yeah, among other things, where does Africa come into play with this? The birth of jazz was presented flat out wrong, and there’s not even a mention of hip hop. Great artist, though.

  • Max Gurnemanz

    Nothing less than genius.

  • Christopher Potter

    Where’s Stravinsky? Where’s Bartok? Where’s Shostakovich? Aside from a few impressionists and atonalists, where’s the 20th Century? Was pop and rock all that mattered?

  • Julian

    Great video, excellent drawings and neat overall concept. But the underlying ‘history’ – is this person serious?? This is the undergraduate music course version of Western musical history. Hopelessly Eurocentric (where’s China? Australian Indigenous music? hip hop?), the period is way too brief (music started only 50000 years ago?) and honestly – tracing a line between Bach and The Prodigy??