Mr. Rogers Takes Breakdancing Lessons from a 12-Year-Old (1985)

February 13th, 1985 shall be remembered as a truly beautiful day in the neighborhood, for that is the date on which Fred Rogers learned to breakdance (sort of).

In no time at all, 12-year-old instructor Jermaine Vaughn had Mr. Rogers wavingmoonwalking and learning how to press play on a boom box so he could demonstrate some “very fancy things” regarding the first pillar of hip hop. (“I’d never be able to do that,” his pupil says admiringly, and presumably truthfully.)

The television icon’s legendary sincerity is on display throughout, even in this pirated version, which swaps out the wimpy original track in favor of NWA’s 1989 “Fuck Tha Police,” a move that would’ve pleased Eddy Murphy’s Mr. Robinson.

If that medicine’s too bitter for you to choke down, soothe yourself with an animated GIF.

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Ayun Halliday will always be Fred Rogers’ television neighbor. Follow her @AyunHalliday

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