Guns N’ Roses “Sweet Child O’ Mine” Retooled as 1920s New Orleans Jazz

Thanks to the efforts of Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox and singer Miche Braden, the world now knows how heavy metal rockers, Guns N’ Roses sound with their knees rouged up and their stockings down.

Their New Orleans jazz take on 1987′s “Sweet Child O’ Mine” replaces the preening rock god sensitivity of the original with a sort of mature, female swagger harkening all the way back Bessie Smith. (Braden’s stage credits include turns as Billie Holiday, Valaida Snow, and Ma Rainey.)

The backup musicians get in on the fun, too, retooling Slash’s guitar solo as a horn-driven cakewalk. I know which party I’d rather hit!

Over the years, “Sweet Child O’ Mine” has proved a remarkably study workhorse, withstanding attempts to make it over as electronica, a Gregorian Chant and Brazilian prog rock. Or how about this version played on the Guzheng, an ancient Chinese instrument. Postmodern Jukebox’s entry into this stakes is not without gimmick, but it’s a winning one.

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  • Brent

    Keep singing your SONG! MAMA LAwdy!

  • Diana


  • Mike

    Smoking arrangement….totally killed it….fantastic!

  • Jennifer

    Magnificently done!

  • Mary Ellen

    Wow. Just. Wow.

  • mjohn

    Just fantastic! More please!

  • michelle

    I think I just shed a happy tear. Yum!

  • colin sparks

    This is by far my favorite version of the song! If it comes out on CD, I’m buying it.

  • Lew Derwith

    Momma’s got it…..the rest of you boys…..”Once more with FEELING!”

  • Amanda

    I loved this song before and think I love it even more this way! Way to sing it!!!!

  • Bobbie Burlesque

    LOVED IT! Especially that last note hit! Oh yea!

  • Bakki

    F***in BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jill Klies

    That is fkn AWESOME!!!

  • HC Carey

    Wow, loved it. Magnificent job. Never liked the original song, but now I see it in a whole new way

  • K DelValle

    Did Axl have more plastic surgery?????
    He sure sounds better!!!

  • Sally Black

    Best thing I’ve heard in years! And the Grammy goes to…..

  • Jenny Linderström


  • Dawn C.

    I felt the overwhelming urge to start clapping and yelling WOOOOO!!! at the end :D

  • Griffin Baron

    Bluegrass take of Bruno Mars’ “Locked out of Heaven” by Chicago band, Gussied.

  • Jennifer

    Please please please put this on iTunes or something, please!

  • secyw


  • Jennifer

    I’m going to check our postmodern jukebox on iTunes, thanks!

  • Jenny


  • Collette

    OMG SING it Sister!!!! This was AMAZING!!! Looking this band up now for more!! Just WOW.

  • Bill Singer


  • james birkbeck

    It’s great! :-D

  • Phillip Hill

    Much better than the original!!!!

  • Cajun69

    Pesonaly i like the rock version Axle rose did a little better But this girl brings a Whole new cool to a Great Song she hit it staight out of the blues fest!! hope to see her some where!

  • Maggie

    I could listen to them all Sunday long, it’s that good and so full of life. Bravo.

  • deadpammy

    amazing :)

  • Gail

    LOVE THIS!!!! Is this version available on iTunes or Spotify????

  • barb

    This was beyond awesome ! She needs to sing our national anthem at a big sporting event !

  • indienoir

    Incredible. Sensational. AHMAYZING.

  • Justin
  • Gwenanne

    Whoa, Seth – you have some great taste in music!

  • Sunsheyen

    Take me to the juke joint!

  • Kathryn Barnes

    Outstanding! Downloading the CD asap!

  • Nick

    Cute cover, but I think everyone needs to calm down a bit.

  • axl rai

    dammm …. like it ?!! (Y)

  • Josh

    Do “Enter Sandman” next.

  • Laura Shepard

    Simply amazing.

  • Gigi

    AMAZING! Just amazing!

  • Jeff Hamilton Green

    I thought, No Way this could work…but they did it. It’s Good!

  • Andrea

    you just made my year!

  • Jenni Bryant

    I liked it very much! I still like the original better but I love it when artists take songs & put a new twist on them.

  • Adrienne

    Hot damn! That was blissful!

  • Andy Hagemeyer

    Awesome beyond all belief! My favorite version now!

  • urbster1

    How about the awesome 8-bit version from D-Pad Hero?

  • rose

    Awesome. Better than the original!

  • hanan

    love it love it love it amazing performing amazing voice great gig

  • Linda

    Hot and sassy…. way cool!!

  • Jenny R

    Why is this tagged as comedy?

  • gremlin jr

    Yeah .. BETTER than the ORIG . but That’s not Hard to Do .. Since GNR SUCK ! .. They’ve NEVER been GOOD and are SO SO OVER-RATED ! .. not even REAL metal .. wanna be crap ..
    This is GREAT !! . I’d actually BUY THIS ! .. I wouldn’t Take gnr for Free ..

  • aitor

    I’d pay to hear a full cd of metal or punk covers in this style, Black Hole Sun, Blondie Rip her to Shreds or any, Stone cold Crazy, Van Halen, More Guns N Roses, etc…

  • Janet Weidendorf

    Rock on sistah!!!

  • Holly Fuller

    Better than before! Love it!

  • Tyler Sonnichsen

    This is great. I would love to see a full set of GnR covers in this style called “Appetite for Prohibition” sometime soon.

  • Jo Facultad

    This is just so awesome!! Love this rendition so much! Thanks for the experience.

  • Tambry

    FANTASTIC!! I would love to see more songs redone in this style. I was born in the wrong time.

  • Julio Santi

    Amazing :-)


    THIS IS JUST FABULOUS…..sweet New Orleans Jazz

  • Kerry Matthews

    This was amazing! I just loved the vocals, it was perfect! WOW!

  • Reneemarie1169

    That is great…,

  • Lalola

    great n awesome !

  • Miche Braden

    Thank You!!

  • Ssue Costa


  • Wesley porter

    How can I save this with my music awesome

  • Demi

    Love it!