Seinfeld & Nothingness: A Supercut of the Show’s Emptiest Moments

They say Seinfeld was about nothing. But the clip above puts that sense of nothingness into perspective. Running six plus minutes, the montage assembled by LJ Frezza presents “A supercut of empty shots. A New York without people.” Essentially moments of pure nothingness. When you’re done, you can graduate to some more existentialist ideas — some fun, some substantive — in our archive.

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  • Baris A

    I haven’t seen Seinfeld but it seems these shots don’t function as nothingness in series with other shots. These shots establish some kind of space perception. If you want to see a pure nothingness on cinema, see Ozu.

  • Nicholas Kronos

    I agree, Baris. This is a dumb post about a really dumb supercut.