Mœbius & Jodorowsky’s Sci-Fi Masterpiece, The Incal, Brought to Life in a Tantalizing Animation

Last year we featured artwork from the Dune movie that never was, a collaboration between Alejandro Jodorowsky, the mysticism-minded Chilean director of such oft-described-as-mind-blowing pictures as El Topo and The Holy Mountain, and the artist Jean Giraud, better known as Mœbius, creator of oft-described-as-mind-blowing comics as Arzach, Blueberry, and The Airtight GarageIf ever a meeting of two creative minds made more sense, I haven't heard about it. Alas, Jodorowsky and Mœbius' work didn't lead to their own Dune movie, but it didn't mark the end of their artistic partnership, as anyone who's read The Incal knows full well.

Telling a metaphysical, satirical, space-operatic story in the form of comic books originally published throughout the 1980s (with sequel and prequel series to come over the following 25 years), The Incal on the page became the fullest realization of Jodorowsky and Mœbius' combined vision.

Its success made it a logical candidate for film adaptation, and so director Pascal Blais brought together artists from Heavy Metal magazine (in which Mœbius first published some of his best known work) to make it happen. It resulted in nothing more than a trailer, but what a trailer; you can watch a recently revamped edition of the one Blais and his collaborators put together in the 1980s at the top of the post.

Any Incal fan who watches this spruced-up trailer will immediately want nothing more in this life than to see a feature-film version of dissolute private investigator John DiFool, his concrete seagull Deepo, and the titular all-powerful crystal that sets the story in motion. And anyone not yet initiated into the science-fiction "Jodoverse" for which The Incal forms the basis will want to plunge into the comic books at the earliest opportunity. Perhaps Blais will one day fully revive the project; until then, we'll have to content ourselves with Luc Besson's The Fifth Element (with its Mœbius-developed production design, similar enough to The Incal's to have sparked a lawsuit) and maybe, just maybe, a live-action adaptation from Drive director Nicholas Winding Refn.

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  • sebastian says:

    Incal animation wothout Jodorowsky as director? Pfff! A crap.

  • Sergey says:

    The soundtrack is so stock and generic, i just cant stand this. Instafail.

  • Jaryd says:

    I’m happy that Jodorowsky will get a paycheck, but as it was said in comments above, the whole production looks haphazard. It’s possible that it’s just the trailer that’s bad; I’m still going to watch it regardless.

  • Dan Colman says:

    Hi there,

    Just curious, does anyone know who posted this on Facebook today?

    Thanks in advance,
    Dan (editor)

  • shinitaru says:

    It’s not a real movie, this “trailer” is all there will ever be

  • Ramone says:

    Colin (or Dan) can you post a link to where the video originally appeared?

  • Kaity says:

    Um I’d back the hell out of that Kickstarter. HINT

  • Kaity says:

    Especially if they could bring Jodorowsky on.

  • sandro says:

    …damn that s just bad.like poor, cheap and bad.
    If you dont have the talent and the skills required…why approach Moebius’s art? This is not in your league, boy.

  • BR says:


    I agree, looks rushed and rather amateur. Reminds me of the animations in Jodorosky’s Dune documentary.

  • junktrunk says:

    A Music Producer by the Alias of “Billain” shared it and got a fairly big response

  • Andre says:

    Looking forwartd to see your work. What have you done that I can see?

  • Shane says:

    The original ’80’s version of the trailer is INFINITELY better. No crappy voice over. No weird enhanced psedo-3d bullshit. Just ’80’s “Heavy Metal” esque animation glory with a sound track that greatly resembles the “Cosmic Music” complation of french disco that came out a few years ago. There is a VHS rip of the original edit of it on youtube. I highly recommend people check that out instead of this generic shit.

    The other cool part is it has a trailer for “Arzach” as well as “Internal Transfer”.

  • fabamatic says:

    Just read Before Incal, bad read, I don’t think Jodorowsky is as good as most people think.

  • Alan Cosme Machado de Almeida says:

    I am from Brazil and your trailer will give me force to create my own fantasy world. Thanks.

  • Fabian says:

    World is full of idiot haters now… I think they did an amazing job here. Congratulations!

  • cr8dv8 says:

    Ignore the douchebag hipster haters above, this was a fun little trailer and well done.

  • François says:

    the voices are the wrong style, no humour no vulnerability too standard. John Deefool is the anti hero “par excellence “. Same for the music far too block buster style, vulgar, I would say. I would think Electro would suit better.

    otherwise the images are what they are, very faithful to the book, great!

  • McLovin says:

    I bet you’re mom told you you were special.

  • Tim White says:

    Great piece,Colin. Thanks for sharing

  • Chris says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this animation is cheap Cartoon Network quality? It is hardly “tantalizing,” just a collection of Incal pages with some digital editing tricks done to make it look “animated.”
    Come on Pascal Blais, you can do better than this.

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