215 Hours of Free Foreign Language Lessons on Spotify: French, Chinese, German, Russian & More

in Language Lessons | November 3rd, 2016


In September, we highlighted for you 75 free audio books available on Spotify–books written by the likes of Jane Austen, James Joyce, Charles Bukowski, Franz Kafka, Kurt Vonnegut, Edgar Allan Poe, Jack Kerouac, Sylvia Plath, William Shakespeare & more. Peruse the complete list here.

This month, we’re here to tell you that Spotify makes free language lessons available on its service. If you go to Spotify (download its software here), click “Browse” (in the left hand nav), then scroll way down and click “Word,” you will find collections of free languages in the following languages. You can also click the links below to access 215 hours of free language lessons:

You can find many more lessons, covering many more languages, in our collection: Learn 48 Languages Online for Free: Spanish, Chinese, English & More. Our list covers everything from Ancient Greek and Dutch, to Thai and Yiddish.

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    You should correct “Portuguese” to “Brazilian Portuguese”.

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